Cadbury is switching to recycled packaging

Mondelēz International will source recycled plastic using advanced recycling technology to be used in a number of Australia's most popular Cadbury chocolate blocks, a world first for the chocolate brand.

Cadbury has partnered with Taghleef Industries to get the equivalent of 30% of the plastic used to package Cadbury Dairy Milk family blocks from recycled sources. According to Mondelēz, consumers won't notice any difference in the look and feel of the recycled plastic, with Amcor supplying the finished packaging in the iconic Cadbury purple that people know and love.

In the past, soft plastic packaging was considered a single-use material. However, according to Mondelēz, by having access to this latest recycling technology, Cadbury fans can look forward to playing a role in the circular economy.

Darren O’Brien, Mondelēz international president for Australia, New Zealand and Japan, says the company's investment in this emerging technology reflects an increased focus on waste and the expectation of brands to drive sustainability solutions.

"Not only is this a world first for Cadbury, but Cadbury in Australia will be among the first in the world to buy soft plastic packaging with recycled content," he says.

“We are breaking new ground in finding solutions to meet national packaging targets and the broader global challenges posed by packaging waste.

“Although we have accessed the latest technology from overseas to source this recycled material, we know the demand for reusable packaging will continue to grow and we would love to see recycling technology built in Australia to meet local demand . "

The recycled plastic material is used for the Cadbury Dairy Milk family blocks, which are made at Cadbury's Hobart factory.

Mondelēz says today's announcement is just the first step towards using recycled soft plastics as a circular material. The company is determined to increase the amount of recycled material in its packaging.

The first Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks with recycled soft plastic in their packaging will be available in Australian supermarkets from September 2022.

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