Pablo & Rusty guarantees 1% for the planet

Pablo & Rusty’s has joined "1% for the Planet" and is committed to donating 1% of annual sales to support non-profit organizations that work to protect the environment.

"Joining 1% enables us to work with organizations that are solely focused on solving some of our greatest environmental challenges," said Abdullah Ramay, CEO of Pablo & Rusty’s.

"By harnessing the power of business and the vision of these nonprofits, together we can make a positive impact on listing."

He continues, “It's not 1% of profits, it's 1% of sales, which means that a part of every single product helps the planet directly. Our customers can be proud that their partnership with us helps create a better future. "

It is said that joining 1% for the Planet is the next step in Pablo & Rusty's sustainability journey, which contributes to their carbon neutral and B Corp certified status. Behind the scenes, they focus on reducing waste, using recyclable and compostable packaging, and working with coffee farmers to make their approach to agriculture more regenerative.

Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, says she is "excited to welcome Pablo & Rusty's to the global environment".

She continues, “Right now, only 3% of all philanthropy goes into the environment, and only 5% of that comes from companies. The planet needs more support than this, and our growing network of business members is doing its precious part in increasing donations and local outcomes support. "

Pablo & Rusty’s joins thousands of other companies who have collectively raised over $ 280 million for environmental nonprofits around the world that have been approved for their track record and environmental focus.

Saxon Wright, Founder of Pablo & Rusty’s, said, “We wanted to balance our desire for growth with our commitment to impact while being accountable to a third party.

“To help solve the climate crisis, we need to make sure that the economy is part of the solution and not contributing to the problem, so we want to be there.

“We would be delighted if more roasters, suppliers and even cafes take on this challenge. If the entire industry were behind this move, the impact we could make would be incredible. "

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