Chobanis yogurt for canine

Pooches will be ready to party as Chobani brings out a low-fat, lactose-free yogurt for dogs.

It is said to be made with simple but effective ingredients like skimmed milk, lactase, and live cultures of yogurt.

The Daily Dollop yogurt will be available in early September and will be sold exclusively in the chilled pet food department in Woolworths supermarkets.

Olivia Dickinson, General Manager Growth, Chobani Australia, says: “At Chobani we always strive to ensure that our products are delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible and we are excited to add dogs to our range! There are only three ingredients in Daily Dollop, but it's filled with an abundance of protein and calcium to keep the dogs healthy. "

High in protein and calcium to help strengthen dog bones and teeth, Chobanis Daily Dollop can be slowly introduced into dogs' daily food to help them get used to the taste.

Veterinarian, animal emergency service Dr. Adds Brooke Schampers, “Yogurt is a great source of nutrients for pets, especially dogs, and Daily Dollop is a welcome addition to their daily protein and calcium intake. I can only warmly recommend the Aussies to get on board and feed their dog friends some yogurt during meals. "

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