Whittaker's new block of the Artisan Assortment

Whittaker & # 39; s has launched its new Artisan Collection Canterbury hazelnut in creamy milk chocolate 100g block. Whittaker's Artisan Collection celebrates New Zealand's finest home-grown ingredients, and this is the first strain in the range to include premium products from the Canterbury area.

Whittaker’s Canterbury Hazelnut in Creamy Milk Chocolate combines roasted Canterbury hazelnut pieces obtained from the Canterbury Hazelnut Cooperative Hazelz with a “silky” hazelnut paste and Whittaker's 33% cocoa-containing creamy milk chocolate.

Whittakers, fourth generation siblings and co-chief operating officers, Matt and Holly Whittaker, have teamed up with the local artisans of Hazelz to create the new addition to Whittaker's Artisan Collection.

Matt Whittaker says Whittaker's Artisan Collection is focused on local origins and quality.

“Hazelz shares our commitment to quality, and Canterbury hazelnuts have something very special – they just can't be beat when it comes to taste – and they go perfectly with Whittaker's decadent creamy milk chocolate,” says Matt.

Holly Whittaker says, "We think they'll love the delicate nutty flavor and the perfect blend of smooth and delicious hazelnut paste alongside a light crunch, and the fact that they support local producers."

Sourcing from Canterbury also marks a special return to their roots for the Whittaker family. Matt & Holly's founder and great-grandfather, J. H. Whittaker, first sold his confectionery from his home in Addington, Christchurch in 1896.

“Like all Whittaker chocolates, Canterbury Hazelnut Block is made in creamy milk chocolate by Beans-to-Bar in Whittaker's only factory in Porirua. It's a permanent addition to Whittaker's Artisan Collection, along with Whittaker's 45% cocoa-rich cocoa-cream milk block released earlier this month.

"Whittaker's Canterbury Hazelnut Block is Rainforest Alliance Certified, as is Whittaker's entire range of 116 products made from Ghanaian cocoa beans."

Whittaker’s Canterbury Hazelnut in Creamy Milk Chocolate 100g Block is now available in stores and online in supermarkets and other retailers nationwide.

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