Play the Tremendous Supply Heroes recreation for Franchise Appreciation Day

On Franchise Recognition Day (August 28), CouriersPlease (CP) is celebrating the people behind the package by introducing a new retro video game to the public, Super Delivery Heroes.

The game is also being released along with new CP research showing 83% of Aussies underestimate the sheer volume of deliveries their local courier makes on a daily basis.

"As one of Australia's most recognized and largest franchise companies, CP looks forward to celebrating Franchise Appreciation Day every year," said CP Chief Operations Officer Phil Reid.

“Our franchises are the face of the company, present their personality and demonstrate our values ​​to the community. For them, it's not just about the delivery of a package, they are the key to our success, which should not be underestimated.

"This year we thought we were putting Aussies in the shoes of our franchisees to raise awareness of the many challenges they face every day, especially during lockdown parcel volume spikes."

How to play

Super Delivery Heroes is a free, lo-fi style desktop game that is a throwback to popular games of the 1990s and early 2000s such as Super Mario Brothers.

Play as local couriers, users work against the clock to deliver hundreds of packages as they overcome the obstacles couriers typically overcome every day. Obstacles include dog attacks, traffic, traffic accidents, and road closures, and obstacles that prevent a package from being delivered, such as: B. a closed shop or a resident who cannot and cannot sign an order.

CP research

On average, a CP franchisee makes around 120 deliveries and 30 to 50 pickups per day. The CP survey of 1010 online shoppers shows that more than half of Australians (57%) think a courier can make up to 60 deliveries per day, while 83% think they can deliver up to 100 deliveries run per day.

Only 6% of respondents believe that couriers make at least 120 deliveries a day.

CP also asked respondents what percentage of parcels they think online shoppers allow couriers to drop off at their door. Only 5% of the parcel deliveries are marked with an "exit permit". However, 61% were of the opinion that more than 50% of the packages come with a “departure permit”.

"On Franchise Recognition Day, we celebrate the hard work of our franchisees," says Mr. Reid.

"We encourage Aussies to continue to support their local couriers by approaching any interaction with understanding and patience as our industry faces increasing parcel volumes every day, especially during the lockdown and before we approach Christmas."

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