G&M Cosmetics celebrates 25 years

G&M Cosmetics is celebrating its 25th company anniversary with optimism.

Despite the sad effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on local companies, G&M Cosmetics still recognizes and thanks their “simple ethos of family management”.

They say their growing “family” now includes the research and development team, quality control, innovation, and the rest of the close-knit workforce that make up the heart of the brand.

The idea of ​​keeping things local also takes hold when it comes to the ingredients, with natural, indigenous Australian components in their products.

Like so many other companies, G&M Cosmetics is affected by every point of contact; through government restrictions, the inability of staff to travel to work, border closures, and transportation and logistics delays.

Founder, Mr. Jordanov, adds: "This has contributed to disruptions in the current day-to-day business of the company."

The beginning

It started as a single production line from a young, immigrant entrepreneur who invested all of his savings in creating the brand. Its goal is to make a skin and beauty product made in Australia that is good value for money.

G&M Cosmetics currently operates 19 production lines and produces over 250,000 units per day. Her line includes Australian Creams, P’URE Papayacare, P’URE Papayacare Baby, Australian Creams MKII, Native Australian, Dr. V, Aussie Defense and Kakadu Plum Collection.

The company works with associations such as the Vegan Society, ACO COSMOS Natural and Australasian Eczema Association, which are leading bodies in their respective industries.

Additionally, based in Taren Point, Sydney, with sustainability in mind, the company has optimistic plans to increase its commitment to clean energy, sustainability, recycling initiatives and minimizing waste in order to create world-class products with the end user in mind.

"In 2020 we reduced our single-use plastic packaging by over 1.5 million and will continue to work on reducing our environmental impact," says Mr. Jordanov.

“Against all odds, G&M Cosmetics is still committed to making brands in Australia, hiring Australian workers and making reputable products. We encourage Australians to get on board and support authentic Australian-made brands. "

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