The most recent collector's merchandise from Woolies made out of 80% recycled materials

Woolworths will shortly be launching its “newest and most sustainable collector's item”.

Woolworths Bricks will help customers build a replica of a sustainable Woolworths supermarket at home. This includes features like solar panels, free fruit baskets for kids, cash registers, car charging stations, and trolleys.

The new collectible, Woolworths says, was made from at least 80% recycled materials, including refrigerators, swimming goggles and luggage handles.

It has been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia which means they have been independently rated to meet "robust" environmental, human health and social impact criteria to prove they are good for customers and the planet.

Woolworths' partnership with TerraCycle has also been renewed so that customers can drop their popular Woolworths Bricks in for recycling at any Woolworths store. The partnership, Woolworths says, is helping create a circular economy by supporting the manufacture of new items from the Woolworths Bricks, including park benches and garden beds.

Woolworths Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks says the company is committed to making change for a better future.

“With our latest collector's item, we're taking our customers on this journey by showing us, in a playful and creative way, how we can be greener, not just in the way we run our business, but also through the programs we participate in we participate. ”he says.

“Woolworths Bricks is a fun and interactive way to learn at home that can stimulate family conversations about sustainability; whether materials like plastic or refrigerators can be given a second life, or how solar panels and electric car chargers at their local Woolies have a positive impact on the environment. "

Collect Woolworths Bricks

Customers can get a Woolworths Bricks package for $ 30 each spent at the retailer.

There will be a total of 40 Woolworths Bricks Packs available to collect.

Customers can also purchase two starter kits. This includes a skirting board and front doors, with the choice of a basic kit for $ 6 and a deluxe kit for $ 10 to begin their building journey.

The collection will be available in stores and online in the coming weeks.

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