We're celebrating a decade of Australian delite

Nutrano Produce Group has launched a new marketing campaign to support Season 10 of the Australian Delite Seedless Mandarins.

The campaign is focused on promoting Delite as the "ultimate portable snack for busy healthy bodies."

Cameron Davine, general manager of sales and marketing at Nutrano Produce Group, says using fun illustrative characters who lead busy, active lives highlights the various tangerine eating opportunities and extends their appeal to a wider audience.

“Citrus consumption remains high as the Aussies prioritize their health and wellbeing. Whether you are looking for vitamin C to boost your immunity or healthy snacks to kickstart your daily life, which is often very active at home or on the go, ”he said.

Delite has become a household favorite, he adds, and the brand expects to pick 20 million pieces of fruit from its grower network in NSW, Vic and WA this year.

Expansion plans are also underway to expand availability and meet growing consumer demand.

Delite has built a reputation for being the highest quality seedless tangerine, delivering “an exceptional dining experience that is sweet and juicy, and consistently delivers on the promise of“ delite to the last bite ”for consumers.

The 2021 campaign will further strengthen the Delite brand's presence at the various touchpoints, converting shoppers buying in-store and online at Woolworths as well as a new revamped website with its grow partners.

New season Delite tangerines grown in Australia are exclusive to Woolworths stores nationwide.

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