Put rules earlier than revenue

First launched in the early 1990s, Fry Family Food Co has now overcome challenges and achieved business goals and paved the way for herbal products.

“With this innovative idea and the family's commitment to eating kindly (and helping to change the food system to a less effective one), Fry & # 39; s has moved from being a family kitchen to a global supplier of plant-based products, including meatless ones Burgers, sausages, schnitzel, nuggets, seafood, ground beef and more, ”says Tammy Fry, co-founder of The Fry Family Food Co.

The vision and driving force behind The Fry Family Food Co is “principles before profit”.

Popular products and trends

Fry & # 39; s has seen strong 30-40% year-over-year growth in recent years, and "more recently it has seen the same 30-40% growth due to a change in consumer buying habits in the early days of the pandemic" . in March 2020 alone.

“Consumers are certainly taking advantage of the plethora of herbal options on the market,” explains Ms. Fry.

"Australian consumers are especially fans of Fry's soy flaxseed schnitzel, the sausage rolls and our chicken-style nuggets."

Keeping up with the community

Fry's Family Food Co also provides social and environmental aid.

In early 2021, Fry & # 39; s teamed up with the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd to help protect marine life. As part of this partnership, Fry & # 39; s will donate up to $ 15,000 from the sale of Fry & # 39; s Fish-Style Fillets to the conservation organization to support global efforts to protect the oceans.

Read the full company profile in the August issue of Retail World.

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