Marks and Spencer launches a variety of groceries worldwide

Marks and Spencer has launched an extensive range of grocery products on the global online export platform British Corner Shop, allowing customers in over 150 countries to buy their M&S favorites for the first time.

From the legendary Percy Pig to M&S ’Extremely Chocolatey Milk Rounds, the range consists of over 800 different M&S ​​Ambient products, including many firm family favorites that are now available to international customers.

The British Corner Shop global store enables customers from around the world, including the United States and Australia, to purchase a bespoke range of M&S groceries that will be on their doorstep in as little as one to three days.

With over 20 years of industry experience, British Corner Shop has over 500,000 customers worldwide who regularly purchase the exporter's 6000 UK household brands.

“With travel restrictions over the past 18 months, the platform has seen a tremendous surge in demand for its products by those looking for their home, as reflected in the retailer's record 141% growth between March 2020 and March 2021. “According to the British Corner Shop.

Mark Callaghan, Managing Director of British Corner Shop, says: “British Corner Shop connects British quality brands with customers worldwide, which is why the partnership with M&S, one of the most famous British brands, is a perfect fit for both parties. In addition to British expats, our customers include other nationals who value the quality assurance they get by purchasing UK made products. Therefore, not only will our expat customers be overjoyed that they can now reunite with their most missed M&S groceries, but our non-expat customers will no doubt be delighted too. "

The launch is part of M & S's commitment to accelerate international growth through online channels.

As more and more customers around the world use digital shopping channels, the British Corner Shop and M&S partnership will enable the rapid introduction of a wide range of grocery products to the world market with minimal upfront investment.

International Director Paul Friston says, “Our mission is to provide efficient, cost effective ways to sell the best of M&S to the world customers. We are always asked when our fantastic food range will be launched in new markets. I am therefore pleased that as of today we can offer customers in over 150 new countries an extensive and delicious range of food products. "

The launch of M&S products has started in over 100 British Corner Shop international stores, with the rest of the launching from September 2021.

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