Handy packaging at Murray River Organics

As an organically managed company, sustainability is high on Murray River Organics' agenda.

Since launching the MRO branded range in 2020, the Murray River Organics team has taken consistent steps to improve the environmental impact through packaging design and innovation.

The company started with reusable and reusable canisters for its organic muesli. These were designed with a peelable non-stick label and customers loved the brand for it, according to MRO.

MRO is now launching two new initiatives, a partnership with REDcycle and the launch of new canisters made from recycled PET (RPET).

MRO has decided to move away from single serve muesli bags by the end of 2021.

"It was important for the company to look for ways for MRO customers to recycle this plastic, and this is where the partnership with REDcycle comes in," says MRO communications manager Alice Cloake.

REDcycle is a recycling program that turns flexible (soft) plastics – which cannot be recycled by picking them up at the roadside – into a material that can be used to make new products. REDcycle bins are located in front of all Woolworth and Coles stores across the country. MRO's partnership with REDcycle, which was concluded in June, enables customers to return MRO soft plastic to these containers.

With MRO's next step, recycled PET will become the new standard.

The new canister builds on the existing design, but according to the brand, it will be a lot greener. Effective from November this year with selected products and from the beginning of 2022 across the brand's entire range of canisters.

The change will save an estimated half a million used disposable canisters from production, according to MRO.

“The current canisters from MRO are made from single-use PET (polyethylene terephthalate). They can be reused and recycled, but require the production of single-use plastic. "

The new RPET canisters are made from used PET.

"It is completely safe for use in food packaging and has a lower carbon footprint than pure PET," said Ms. Cloake.

The team at MRO is on the road to improvement, both for its customers and for the planet.

"These improvements are just the beginning."

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