four causes to contemplate a brand new entrance door

Consider installing a new front door to add improved security and more to your home!

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Fall is a fantastic time for home renovations. The weather is no longer prohibitively humid and the assembly teams are no longer supported with summer work. But which renovation projects should you prioritize? How to make the most of the fall season before winter – literally and figuratively – freezes your Reno prospects for a few months. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Ultimately, it depends on your particular home and your long-term renovation goals. Still, some Reno projects offer more value than others.

Take the humble front door, for example. Most homeowners take this central feature for granted, provided that its lifespan is basically unlimited. But front doors – like everything else in your home – have a durability, after which they lose functionality, efficiency and aesthetic effect. Still not sure what to do this fall? In this post, let's argue for Door installation or replacement as your new autumn project.

Extra security

Your front door is the first line of defense against intruders. Accordingly Research by ADT, the majority of burglars and thieves make their way through the front door. It is therefore imperative that your door is solidly constructed and has modern locking mechanisms. If your front door feels rickety and thin, or its locks are rudimentary, you are at greater risk of breaking into your home. Find an aluminum, wood, or vinyl door made by a trusted local manufacturer. Ask them about multi-point locking systems for added security.

Increased appeal on curbs

Curb appeal is no longer just a real estate term. In terms of the appeal of your home from the sidewalk, curb appeal is a way for homeowners to express pride, beautify the neighborhood, and impress visitors.

Your door is the focal point of the facade of your home, so it should look good to keep the curb appeal. If your door is peeling, cracking, warping, or showing its age, you might want to consider a replacement. Choose a door manufacturer who will allow you to customize your product and give you the opportunity to customize the new door to suit your taste and architecture.

Increased energy efficiency

Old doors tend to be inefficient. They let in cool air in winter and let out the air conditioning in winter. This inefficiency is reflected in your monthly energy bill – an inefficient door can end up costing you significantly more. One reason to consider a new door in your autumn renovation is efficiency. A new door not only reduces part of your home emissions – a bonus for the environment – it also saves you money month after month.

Better functionality

After all, an obvious reason to replace your front door is functionality. You don't want to come home from a long day just to struggle with your front door, rattle the locks, and force the blackboard. Think of a new front door as an investment in ease.

As you prepare for fall renovations, be sure to keep an eye on your front door. Replacing your front door pays off with several advantages.

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