Colliers and Pollen cooperate to supply industrial recommendation

Industrial consultants from Colliers and supply chain experts from the Pollen Consulting Group have announced an “Industry First” collaboration to offer a comprehensive end-to-end industrial consultancy service.

As part of the new partnership, Colliers will work with Pollen to maximize the value of supply chains, technology, automation and the resulting real estate for real estate users.

Colliers' role will be to provide vital property information and negotiating skills to secure new facilities or renegotiate existing facilities, while delivery of the project can also be completed through the company's project management business. Pollen's role in the partnership is to provide initial analysis, insights and advice to ensure the best outcome for customers by leveraging their manufacturing, warehousing and logistics expertise.

Colliers Managing Director of Occupier Services in Australia, Doug Henry, says the collaboration would enable Colliers and Pollen to offer comprehensive end-to-end industrial consulting solutions.

“At Colliers, we underpin our service offering with our ability to lead the industry into the future. We are proud to share our new partnership with Pollen, ”said Henry. “Two groups of industry experts from different companies with very different but related expertise come together to form a strategic partnership. This truly unique collaboration between specialists turns industrial complexity into opportunities.

“We have introduced a 'Better Together' model to offer our customers first-class solutions based on both real estate and logistics and supply chain advice. Both companies have complementary skills and by working together we are able to offer an advance design, be it for a single warehouse or an entire supply chain network, ”said Henry.

Pollen will work closely with Colliers to understand each customer's specific needs and develop a suitable solution. It can be as simple as changing material flow equipment or shelf layout, or a complete network design.

Pollen CEO Paul Eastwood says the Pollen team is excited to start the new partnership with Colliers.

“This is an exciting new partnership for pollen. Recent advances in technology and automation have made facilities more consumption and fulfillment oriented. Understanding and planning a changing world is the challenge that has faced many occupiers, ”said Eastwood.

“Pollen is the market leader in the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain sectors and Colliers is the market leader in intellectual property. Together we therefore offer a market-leading end-to-end service. "

Peter Evans, Colliers National Director of Industrial Advisory, explains that warehouse users are becoming increasingly demanding on their supply chain and warehouse planning and delivery.

“Warehouses are getting bigger and more sophisticated, which is why the planning and implementation of different shelving, automation and technology solutions are increasingly becoming the focus. Additionally, Covid has accelerated warehouse demand, which is expected to peak later in 2021-2022.

“Supply chains have been tested and our customers are wondering what the supply chain will look like after Covid. This is just one area we are happy to help our customers resolve, ”said Evans.

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