Package Properties: These are higher for the bodily challenged

Are you thinking about building a modular house? Read on to find out why you should!

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Kit Homes can offer different benefits for everyone alike. For example, you can move your house from one place to another, you save construction costs and can build your house in less time. These houses are movable and can be transported to different destinations as needed. Apart from that, this gives full flexibility to people with physical disabilities.

If you have a family member with a physical disability, you can customize your home to suit their needs. You can even change your floor plan later and expand your rooms to make more room for him or her. In this case, you can choose a home kit and change the floor plan of your house at any time to your liking. This saves you having to renovate your home. Give them their own home with full accessibility.

Why Choose Kit Homes For The Physically Disabled?

There are many types of disabilities, such as physical, mental, and sensory limitations. It is true that people with physical disabilities are the most numerical when compared to other disabilities. According to a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 3,350,600 million people in Australia with physical disabilities. It was a survey that was done in 2003 and now those numbers have risen sharply.

These people with disabilities do not have access to public buildings and cannot even feel comfortable at home. In this case we should help such people with disabilities and Construction kits are the great alternative of traditional buildings for such people. So if you have a family member with a physical disability, you need to design your home the way they want.

A safe place

In the case of traditional home design, making some changes to your solid structures and foundation is an expensive business. In this case, you will have to demolish some parts of your home to adapt it for that family member with a physical disability. Pick a kit home and customize it according to his or her needs. You can easily install this house in your garden and create an additional and comfortable space for your family members with physical disabilities.

Changeable floor plan

You can change the floor plan of your kit house to suit your needs. For example, you can move a wall to make a room wider and give your family member with physical disabilities enough space. That being said, lowering cabinets and adding a ramp for such people in your kit house can take a day and you can provide maximum comfort for these people with physical disabilities.


You can add a number of floors as you build your home and create an open floor plan for your home. In this case, you can remove the obstacles from your floor. People with physical disabilities can move around easily and find no problems when moving from one room to another that is designed with an open floor plan.

Complete accessibility

Aside from that, when building your home, you can also add some spacious rooms in your kit house where wheelchairs can easily turn around. People can live in these rooms with crutches and wheelchairs and feel comfortable doing their own job.

You can also add some sliding glass doors in your kit houses, and you can add a porch to your rooms. Add a back yard to your ground floor rooms with sliding doors like this. People with physical disabilities cannot move and often cannot leave their homes. You can use such sliding doors and spend some time on your balcony or garden.

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