Information monitoring answer for purchasing carts

To address the problem of abandoned shopping carts in the community, Australian company TDMN (Trolley Data Management Network) has developed the “world's first” coin-less shopping cart lock and a GPS tracking system called sMart Lock.

The sMart Lock system allows shoppers to unlock shopping carts by scanning a QR code with their smartphone, and enables retailers to track every shopping cart left in the community via GPS tracking.

"The system is designed to encourage and reward consumers to return trolleys, while also providing retailers with GPS location data of all abandoned trolleys for quick and inexpensive collection," the company said. This also provides a self-reporting solution for abandoned shopping carts.

"TDMN has developed a number of products that represent a further development in wagon tracking and query."

Read more in the POS & POP feature in the Retail World August issue.

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