Pink Rock Deli goals of recent restaurant-quality flavors

Red Rock Deli enters into a new partnership with Colin Fassnidge as he uses his culinary creativity to inspire three new "restaurant quality" flavors.

The new flavors are part of the Red Rock Deli Chef Series.

He is said to have created the three “delicious” dishes in Mr. Fassnidge's own kitchen – braised beef brisket with caramelized onions, crispy pork belly with apple sauce and Portuguese chicken with lemon and oregano red rock deli chips.

“As soon as the opportunity for this collaboration arose, I knew that I could create something special. I helped inspire three, ”says Mr Fassnidge.

“Coming into the kitchen with the Red Rock Deli team was an amazing experience. The love and passion they have for the brand is truly unique and that love is reflected in the flavors they create. "

Mr. Fassnidge worked with the Red Rock Deli team to bring the flavors to life through the brand's "iCrave Culinary Design Process," a process of culinary exploration, brainstorming, and flavor mapping to make it as accurate and palatable as possible To achieve a taste experience.

PepsiCo ANZ Senior Brand Manager Hind Simhairi added: “We are very happy to be working with

Colin Fassnidge to help create our new Red Rocki Deli Chef series.

"His dishes truly delivered three distinct culinary experiences that we have been able to capture through new flavors that take our consumers on an exciting new taste journey with bold, innovative flavors that they would traditionally only experience in a restaurant."

The new flavors are now available nationwide at an MSRP of $ 4.65.

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