Helgas needs to grow to be Australia's “favourite bread”

Helga is “kinder to the planet” by reducing waste, recycling plastic and converting all bakeries to 100% renewable energy.

Helgas claims to be the first bread brand in Australia to hit these sustainability milestones at the same time.

The brand's plastic packaging for breads, rolls and wraps is 100% recyclable via REDcycle in the participating shops.

“We want our consumers to know that, like them, we are 100% committed to protecting our planet and that our 100% recyclable bags are helping to reduce plastic to landfill. and help to create new products from soft plastics, ”says Helga.

Helgas Head of Sustainability at Goodman Fielder Mick Anderson says the brand's focus begins on reducing the impact of packaging and plastic waste in design and innovation.

“This also includes reducing the plastic content in our bags by 25%,” he says.

“At Helga, our 100% recyclable bags mean that we are reducing waste to landfills and helping to create new products from the recovered plastic.

"We want to educate and empower consumers on how to participate in this process and help potentially recycle more than 62 million bags each year."

Next month, Helgas will go one step further to reduce plastic waste by introducing 100% recyclable cardboard bread tags across its range.

Beyond plastic

Helga's focus on plastic is just the beginning to produce the “friendliest bread” in Australia.

As of July 1st, the company switched to 100% renewable electricity in its own bakeries in Australia.

"Moving to 100% renewable electricity for our Goodman Fielder-operated bakeries is a critical step for Helgas," says Anderson.

“By using renewable electricity at our Goodman Fielder-operated sites, we are moving closer to our goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2040; Reducing our own climate impact and that of our consumers. "

Helga achieved its goal of 100% renewable electricity four years earlier than its original sustainability target for 2025.

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