Uncle Tobys launches a brand new vary of creamy oat milk

Australia's most popular Uncle Toby's oat is now available in three new oat milk products.

Uncle Toby's Oat Milk is a "delicious" creamy all-rounder for lovers of oat milk or as a milk alternative.

The range also includes barista-style oat milk for a café-quality experience and oat and almond milk with a hint of almond for a subtly nuttier taste.

“The three new types of oat milk are made from 100% oats grown in Australia and can be enjoyed on any occasion, for example in your breakfast bowl or your coffee with creamy goodness,” says the brand.

The range is “vegan and vegetarian-friendly” and contains “a third of the recommended daily calcium and vitamins D, B12 and B2 to meet the daily nutritional requirements”.

Nestlé CEO Anna Stewart says: “We have been producing Australia's most popular oatmeal for more than 100 years. So it's incredibly exciting for both Uncle Tobys and the oat milk fans to leverage our team's expertise and create this brand new range of oat milk.

"With preferences and lifestyles constantly changing, we strive to offer Australians the highest quality milk alternatives, starting with these three new types of oat milk created for every taste and preference."

Uncle Toby's oat milk range is now available nationwide in the long-life milk sections of Coles and independent grocery stores.

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