From store to door in 15 minutes or much less

The Australian online supermarket SEND offers Australian customers more shopping opportunities.

Users can browse and select goods through the SEND app, and according to the team, with guaranteed delivery in fifteen minutes or less.

“SEND is redefining the way an entire generation buys groceries and essentials, making it possible to have the things you need delivered in less than 15 minutes. We're excited to serve pretty much all of the suburbs in and around Sydney and Melbourne CBD, ”says SEND founder Rob Adams.

The new app is a reminder of consumers' need for speed and brings countless hours back into the day by doing housework quickly.

During the first wave of Covid-19 in Australia, Mr Adams took inspiration from his grandmother, who is one of the more vulnerable members of the community.

Commenting on other grocery delivery companies, Mr. Adams said, “Australian supermarket giants are promoting the idea of ​​a large weekly store; However, consumers don't have time to make long grocery lists and spend hours shopping.

"SEND fills that niche in the market by making it possible to get what you need when it comes to mind and by eliminating the element of planning ahead."

The company assumes that designated "SEND Shops" will appear across the country in early August 2021.

They start in Potts Point, Alexandria and Camperdown, Sydney and Southbank, Melbourne, with the SEND team aiming to set up thirty locations by the turn of the year.

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