Normal Mills Australia Appoints New Normal Supervisor to Speed up Development

General Mills announced the appointment of Matthew Salter as the new Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

General Mills Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Matthew Salter.

After six years in a senior position at General Mills based in Europe, Mr. Salter has returned to Australia with over 25 years of experience in the food industry. Mr. Salter's return to General Mills Australia and New Zealand provides an opportunity to continue on his scale and build on the positive growth path.

“As we turn away from the pandemic in a position of strength, I am committed to maintaining the momentum in Australia and New Zealand. We are fortunate that our product offerings are all in growth categories, such as trendy Mexican food centers, fresh pasta popular with families, snacks, baking and premium ice cream, ”said Mr. Salter.

“Working with my colleagues, I want to build on this by researching new solutions to real consumer problems in our product categories. I am keen to experiment and try new approaches to learning to further strengthen the purpose of our brands. "

Mr. Salter looks forward to investing in promoting a culture of diversity and belonging, adopting a learning mindset and immersing himself in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

"I look forward to spending time getting to know the people behind the business in Melbourne, Western Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand to better understand how the business works."

He will also play a leading role in perpetuating the company's ethos of being a “force for good” and defining what this means for food brands across the value chain in 2021.

"After significant external challenges for our community in 2020, we as a company not only have the opportunity, but also the responsibility to redefine what a 'force for good' means in 2021," said Salter.

“To be a 'force for good' means to me to be careful with our people and our planet. General Mills will continue to be a good force for regeneration, work to improve food security, and always focus on inclusion and diversity to empower our communities. Through our strong partnerships with Foodbank Australia and Landcare Australia, we will continue to harness the power of food forever. "

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