“Eco snacks” on the advance

Australia is experiencing a "snack evolution," according to a new study, with more and more consumers looking for products that are good for both their health and the world.

The new "Snack it Good" report from YouGov and Fancy Plants – an Australian plant-based snack brand with a mission to encourage others to eat more plants – examines how Australian eating habits have changed since the pandemic. It illustrates a strong trend towards a snack-based lifestyle where wellbeing is a priority for both people and the planet.

It found:

  • 49% ate more snack during the lockdown last year
  • 50% started eating healthier diets to boost immunity
  • 56% actively looked for foods and snacks with additional nutrients
  • 89% are concerned about the health of the planet
  • The Aussie thinks about the welfare of the planet three times a week.

The study also found that the flexitarian lifestyle has really gained momentum: 35% eat more plant-based foods today than they did three years ago, citing personal health (55%) and the health of the planet (48%) as motivators.

While the Aussies' appetite for plant-based foods is evident, it often fails when snacking. 62% of flexitarians admit that they reach for milk-based snacks such as a yogurt pot or a chocolate bar when they feel cravings.

Plant-based pioneer and founder of Fancy Plants, John Foss, has heard the Aussies call for "good snacks."

“Fancy Plants makes it easy and fun for people to eat a plant-based diet,” he says, citing the company's affordable range of Chia Pod, Rice Pud, and Silky Pot products.

“We care deeply about both people and the planet, and to do our part to reduce our environmental impact, we've teamed up with 1% for the Planet, where we give back 1% of our sales to help the planet.

"We hope to inspire people to join us on the plant side to improve our own health and the health of our planet," says Mr. Foss.

The article "Eco Snacking" on the rise first appeared in Retail World Magazine.

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