Zip launches a brand new look that is smart

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company Zip Co Limited has unveiled its new "Unified Purpose" and brand identity.

Its aim is to strengthen its people-first approach to fair and transparent payment options.

Zip's renewed brand purpose is to put the financial well-being of its customers and dealers at the forefront of their operations.

Along with the new purpose, it has created a brand new look and feel for the store.

The new Zip logo is a bold purple that stands out in the online and in-store checkout environments of Zip retailers. The design was created in collaboration with the international design agency Koto.

"We believe Zip can become the fairest, most responsible payment brand in the world for retailers and consumers," said Zip Co-Founder and Global CEO Larry Diamond.

"We have built a brand that grows with us as we continue to expand our global presence and that allows us to celebrate our dealers, customers and Zipsters and put them at the heart of what we do."

The new branding will be introduced in all of its global operations from mid-August 2021. Zip plans to invest in brand awareness campaigns in its key markets, with a particular focus on the US.

Zip's Director of Global Brand, Steve Tesoriero, added, “Our goal has always been to create the largest, small brand in the world.

“A brand that can win on a crowded checkout screen or in a hectic retail environment. A strong three-character brand that can be flexibly and expanded to speak to our customers, showcase our dealers and tell our story. "

Dave Ladd, Executive Creative Director at Koto LA, says, “One small word with a big task. Koto's approach to rebranding Zip was directly influenced by the company's attitude and culture: stretching your elbows, knocking over his weight, fearlessly adopting the rigidity of paying with a human focus. "

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