Ingham & # 39; s wins huge after the final marketing campaign

Success is in the air after a joint campaign between Ingham’s and oOh! Media.

Ingham’s saw the overall chicken category increase by 27% after a recent audience-led campaign ran exclusively on oOh! Media's network.

The campaign was designed to increase awareness of The Free Ranger in key NSW and Victoria markets and was planned using the Better Ways to Buy planning tool, Smart Reach.

Instead of just running the campaign near retail stores, oOh! Working closely with media agency Bohemia to target buyers by category based on actual transactions that each of oOh! assigned.

This enabled the brand to maximize the reach of the right target group via digital and classic small-format street and retail properties.

The new approach attracted valuable new customers and outperformed the category – 72% of Ingham buyers were new to the brand, with Ingham new buyers 50% higher compared to the broader category.

In addition, the total number of buyers from The Free Ranger increased 30%, compared to a mere 3% increase for the entire chicken category.

"This new platform and this data set from oOh! Media are the future of Out of Home", says the Chief Marketing Officer of the Inghams Group, Seb Brandt.

“My greatest nervousness in the past in the outdoor area resulted from waste, high eyeballs and low cuts. The Free Ranger campaign has proven that we can use outdoor as a targeted message for a new and emerging brand with specific geographic distribution. We are pleased to introduce the Smart Reach planning tool from oOh! to be able to use again soon. "

Tim Murphy, Chief Sales Officer of oOh !, added: “The power of Out of Home to reach a large audience has reached a crucial point where we can clearly demonstrate the ability of our network to succeed in campaigns.

"We look forward to offering the Better Ways to Buy planning and reporting approach to all customers who want to plan based on the attributes that are proven to maximize their ROI."

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