The Australia Roadshow: NSW a various, fragmented and aggressive market

An independent supermarket group, a company that markets its premium Australian wines without alcohol, and a gourmet grocery brand are good examples of various NSW companies thriving in tough times and firmly believing in the value of their offerings and service.

Khan do attitude: locals help locals

Khan's supermarket group includes stores in Bargo, Burgess, Cobar, Picton, Wakeley, Nyngan, Gerringong, Bourke, Coonamble and – the first to open in 1981 – Lightning Ridge.

In 40 years, of course, the group has gone through many changes, especially during the 2020s hit by the pandemic.

"The Khan's team worked tirelessly during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic," says the group's marketing manager Brooke Bowser.

"Our online shop and our delivery service became the focus of our business."

She affirms that the NSW market for local products is strong and customer satisfaction with them is growing rapidly.

"We have great entrepreneurs combined with preserving local produce that will remain popular with families going forward," says Bowser, adding that customers are demanding more and more local products every day.

Looking ahead, she says the group is investing more than $ 1 million in upgrading the Lightning Ridge store, which is "big, modern" and "a fantastic deal for local NSW."

Edenvale is committed to health and wellness

Premium Australian wine company Edenvale believes it is having a significant impact on NSW's beverage category.

"Although the past 12 months have been challenging, we've seen tremendous growth for our brand," said Paul Andrade, Edenvale's National Business Manager.

“This was particularly the case in new retail and distribution channels as well as in export sales. Brand awareness has increased as we cemented our position as the market leader in Australia.

Regarding Edenvale's positive impact on the NSW market, Mr. Andrade points to the ability of his supply chain to reach a wider range of different retailers, meaning that "we have been able to reach consumers that our traditional retailers could not". reach beforehand "

“This has enabled our expansion and growth, and we've seen growth online as well as we gain greater brand exposure and awareness in NSW,” he says.

Random harvest reaps the reward

High quality products and ingredients are available to brands and brands across NSW. Random Harvest not only takes advantage of this, but does it very successfully, says CEO Matthew Jinks.

“Our sales have more than doubled in the last 12 months,” he says.

He points out the great quality and taste that Australian made products offer buyers.

“Our independent retailers love that and are right behind the brand.

“Our products are made in small batches from the best ingredients and they all have a unique history of origin. Our Australian truffle oil, for example, contains the finest extra virgin olive oil from the Hunter Valley combined with real truffles from Tasmania. "

For Random Harvest, there won't be any slowdown anytime soon.

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