On-line grocery store opens amid the Sydney lockdown

Households across Sydney will soon have access to a wide range of household items, supplies and fresh produce from the morning markets thanks to the new Pretty Green online supermarket.

The store aims to offer a wide range of everyday items and fresh produce, 100% free and contactless delivery, an exceptional and sustainable delivery service and low prices.

Service for locals in lockdown

Pretty Green CEO Benjamin Kassel had initiated a test run for the business in the city's northern suburbs ahead of the recent Covid lockdown. He decided to expand the grocery delivery service to serve families in the greater Sydney area when the restrictions came into play.

"I realized that I had to get the business going faster to help more people and families who are stuck at home," says Kassel.

"The fact that supermarkets are becoming broadcasting locations and that Sydneysiders can only leave the house when needed and only one person can shop has made us quickly rethink where we deliver."

How it works

Buyers need to register their on-site location to be eligible for delivery via the Pretty Green app. Once you've placed an order, your groceries will be delivered within a selected two-hour window from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. the next day, seven days a week.

You will receive a text message when your driver is 15 minutes away, which will shorten the waiting time. Outside the lockdown, shoppers can unpack their items at home and have friendly drivers put in the fridge, who will be given extra time to look after customers.

"The secure, contactless delivery of household goods to your door without delivery charges not only ensures peace and quiet in these uncertain times, but also creates additional money in your wallet," says Kassel.

"Only a digital-first supermarket can offer that, and our test buyers were enthusiastic about the delivery service."


The company is also committed to sustainability and the reduction of food and packaging waste.

Products are delivered in cardboard boxes that are taken away on departure with no bags or packaging left behind. Quantities of product ordered are processed every evening, resulting in less food waste the next day, and all deliveries are queued by on-site and carbon offset

Future expansions

The company started in Sydney but has distribution centers in every state in mind. Further product lines are added depending on demand, according to Kassel, and cost savings are passed on to customers.

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