The Australian roadshow: challenged in the future, tailored the following in Queensland

Local needs, health trends and sustainability are paramount for the operations of established and newly arriving food companies in Queensland as they adjust their business in the state in the wake of the upheaval from the pandemic.

White's IGA owns the disorder

While the world has witnessed tragic events over the past year and a half, the friendliness is still palpable and especially palpable among the local communities.

Roz White, Company Director, White’s IGA Group, shares the changes that are affecting the Queensland retail landscape and the highlights that have emerged.

“Experience tells me that nothing stays the same for long in retail,” she says. “However, when it comes to Covid, we've certainly seen a more dedicated buyer keeping an eye on local support.

"Crises can get the best out of people," said Ms. White.

“It creates friendliness, real care and more of a tendency to take care of each other. The people support the local more consciously, entertain more often at home, like to pamper themselves with a fresh bouquet of flowers or the high-quality piece of meat. Buyers are reactive and responsive to health-related matters. If there is a localized Covid case, there is a strong reaction to where and how they shop. "

Adaptation is in Drakes' DNA

Helping customers identify locally made products is just one of the ways Drakes Supermarkets has adapted over the past year and a half.

Drake's Supermarkets Queensland State Manager Mark Meszaros praises his Queensland team and their ability to adapt and help their community.

“Like many retailers, we've had to move and make changes as needed over the past 18 months,” he says. “It is a great honor for our employees who have been there every step of the way to continue providing customers with a great shopping experience and great service.

“We have started a program to identify products on the shelf with 'Australian' tickets or 'Queensland' specific tickets. This then flows into our various advertising media: catalogs, online and television.

“Beerenberg articles have an Australian ticket. There is a Queensland ticket on Kenilworth cheese. "

Get out of the forest and have your finger on the pulse

The good weather in Queensland can help take ingredients to the next level and help the production processes, says Woods Foods, adding that in return for such a benefit, the company is giving back by providing employment opportunities and making and innovating the Puts the state on the map.

"The release of Woods Foods' new retail brand, Left Field, was a huge success," says owner Angus Woods.

"Our first brand that we launched, Human Bean Co, was named Product of the Year, Ones to Watch in the Healthy Snack Food (for Faba Beans) category at the end of 2020."

"The distance to major metropolitan areas has not dampened our appetite for innovation or our drive to stand out," says Woods.

“The location in the heart of the growing region for these crops (such as beans, sorghum and chickpeas) allows us to be very up to date with market, growing and environmental conditions and to react proactively to unforeseen changes throughout the year about occurrences. "

The state branch of Monde Nissin is no longer missing

The launch of the Monde Nissin Australia sales office in Queensland puts the state on the map for the company's direct-to-store model, completes the national picture and helps retailers meet local consumer needs through “an optimized delivery process”.

Monde Nissin Australia is the amalgamation of three Australian family businesses that joined the globally managed Monde Nissin in 2014: Black Swan, Nudie Juice and Menora Sales and Distribution (S&D).

"Menora S&D markets, sells and distributes some of Australia's most popular brands in the grocery, dairy, deli, baked goods and frozen foods categories," said Michael Blackmore, Queensland State Manager, adding that it will start operating in the state in late June "The same" provides reach and service to the independents in this state for (our) Brands and more in the future ”.

Aligning with major social issues and trends is important to Monde Nissin who will ensure this is maintained through their Queensland distribution.

"Sustainability and healthy options are key trends – in other words, products that are better for people and the environment," says Blackmore.

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