The largest worries within the office

Many Aussies, if they haven't already, return to the office and of course the staff will return to their usual office problems.

The Knowledge Academy has set itself the goal of identifying the greatest work worries and providing tips on how to combat them.

Research shows the top work anxieties based on monthly Google searches worldwide:

  1. Request for a raise – 19,050
  2. Using LinkedIn – 9000
  3. Calling in sick – 5850
  4. Writing a letter of resignation – 2990
  5. Increase in productivity – 2020
  6. Stay focused – 1500
  7. Slouching – 1000
  8. Stay motivated – 970
  9. Company pension – 700
  10. Workplace bullying – 670
  11. Write good emails – 550
  12. Be professional – 520
  13. Dress appropriately – 380
  14. Being anxious or stressed out – 350
  15. Be organized – 310

The Knowledge Academy's Talveer Sandhu shares tips to keep in mind when asking for a raise: “When you talk to your boss, refine the company's goals and values. Give examples of how you met and exceeded these goals, then politely ask to discuss adjusting your salary based on your exceptional efforts. "

Addressing people's concerns at LinkedIn, Sandhu said, “LinkedIn usage will vary depending on the industry you're in, but ultimately it's great for networking. Start by producing engaging and relevant content, for example by sharing your own top tips about your job or things you recently learned about your industry, you will reap the benefits soon enough! "

Sandhu also added, "Our health is more of a concern and often an inconvenience, more than ever, so it's important to hit the right tone on the phone call or email."

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