Murray River Organics expands breakfast providing

Murray River Organics (MRO) recently introduced two new flavors to the Coles breakfast aisle, expanding its growing organic muesli range to six flavors.

The muesli flavors were developed with customers in mind and include combinations of blueberry & coconut and honey nut that are popular with fans.

"The exciting new flavors are packed with organic ingredients like Australian grown oats, agave inulin powder, and a healthy mix of seeds and nuts for good sources of protein and fiber," the company said. This is the first time MRO has introduced honey-infused roasted oats into its cereal range.

The range comes in MRO's iconic BPA-free canister, complete with a peelable, marker-free label that can be removed for refill and reuse.

"This exciting feature has revolutionized shelf-stable packaging and has become a huge hit with shoppers," said the company.

“The MRO range, probably the tastiest organic muesli on the shelf, has been the leader in cheap, good-tasting organic muesli for a little over a year. The range has secured popularity with health and environmentally conscious buyers who are actively looking for more natural options and choosing to reduce their impact on the environment. "

This increasing shift towards healthier and more sustainable food was highlighted in a recent study by the Davidson Group on "The Future of Healthy Living". According to the study, "89% of Australians want a healthier diet" and "two-thirds of purchases of organic Australian lines are driven by buyers' own health problems or concerns about the health of their children".

The MRO muesli range addresses consumer concerns for a naturally delicious breakfast option that is "proudly Australian certified organic and 100% free of artificial additives and preservatives".

The new MRO muesli flavors are now available in selected Coles supermarkets across the country.

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