Coles celebrates NAIDOC week

Coles celebrates NAIDOC week by sharing the inspiring stories of Indigenous Australians through his favorite client and team member channels.

These include Coles Magazine, Coles Health & Beauty Magazine, Coles Radio, coles & co and Instagram.

Magazine feature

This month's Coles Health & Beauty magazine features a cover story about aspiring VFLW stars Freda Puruntatameri and Jamie-Lee Puautjimi, and mentor Courtney Ugle.

Coles is proud to be an official partner in the Essendon Bombers' First Nations Women & # 39; s Pathway program, which has helped Ms. Puruntatameri, Ms. Puautjimi and Ms. Ugle achieve their athletic dreams.

New ambassador

Coles has welcomed indigenous chef Nornie Bero as the official ambassador.

This month she is writing for Coles Magazine. Ms. Bero shares her love for the indigenous ingredients she's used to cook with for most of her career.

Originally from Mer Island on Torres Strait, she describes the region's food as “a smile that never stops”.

Ms. Bero is passionate about creating indigenous Australian cuisine and encouraging people to use these flavors in their daily cooking.

Coles radio

Coles says Australians love listening to Cole's radio. It is claimed to be the number one commercial digital broadcaster in the country.

Coles added some additional songs by indigenous artists to the playlist to celebrate NAIDOC Week.

Better together

An important part of Coles’s Better Together sustainability strategy is to reflect the communities in which the team lives and works. NAIDOC Week, the retailer says, is an opportunity to reflect on how they are working together to build strong relationships with the indigenous community.

The Coles Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan, launched in 2011, outlines the commitment to developing the careers of its indigenous team members and increasing the representation of indigenous team members throughout the Coles group.

To provide more ways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, suppliers, customers, and communities to get in touch with business, Coles is committed to:

  • Increase the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members to 5% of the workforce and 3% of commercial and management positions by providing great careers at Coles.
  • Increased opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers to participate in their supply chain.

Thinus Keeve, Coles Group's Chief Executive of Sustainability, Property and Exports, says all of Coles’s NAIDOC Week activities are linked to the Heal Country theme.

"We're excited to get the word out and share stories about the First Nations connection and influence in our country," he says.

“Coles has a proud history of taking action and building strong relationships with the indigenous community, and that commitment extends to better working together to ensure we have the representation of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members in our businesses as well as to further develop roles in trade and management and to support indigenous suppliers.

“During NAIDOC Week and beyond, we honor and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, team members, and the community. We want to encourage people to recognize the stories of the Aborigines and the Torres Strait Islander and their connection to countries and cultures. "

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