four lovely chook cages to match your property decor

Are you trying to choose a bird cage? Here are some that will suit your home decor!

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So you want to buy a new bird cage but are afraid that you will have to compromise on the style of your home? Don't worry, there is no need to compromise – you just need to know which bird cages to look at. For this very reason, this article is here to help you find a beautiful birdcage that will not only go with it but also add value to the decor of your home.

1. A&E Elegant flying cage

If you are looking for a sleek design to match your other decor, this cage should be a good look at. The design is sleek and available in black or rose gold with a non-toxic finish that is safe for your birds. The cage is pretty big, so more than enough space for your Birds flap their wings and enjoy your new environment. All in all – this cage can be easily integrated into the furnishings of your home and at the same time offers functionality at the highest level.

In addition to a larger front door, the cage is equipped with four swing-out doors. This way you can easily access your birds. The same goes for changing feed and water. Another plus point is the fact that all doors are equipped with bird protection locks. This means you can relax knowing your birdies are safe and sound. Inside the cage you will find two wooden perches and four stainless steel mugs. So if you have multiple birdies this is the cage that has all the comforts.

2. The geo bird cage

If you are looking for a unique design that can act as a standalone decor even in a relatively plain room, the Geo birdcage is for you. At first glance, you can easily see that this is not your typical cage. In fact, it's a stunning, modern, contemporary design that redefines what a cage can and should look like. The geometric shape creates a spacious and safe dome. This means that your pet has more than enough space not to feel anxious. This is because of the unique shape of the cage as it offers more space than other, more traditional cages.

Inside the cage you will find a central feeder which is unique and adds to the uniqueness of the design. The cage is also equipped with two perches and a shelf for dirt on the floor. There are two doors that provide easy access to the inside of the cage. When it comes to the color of the cage, you have many options to choose from. The colors of the base are teal and cream, while the pulp can be either gold, black, or white. You can even opt for a bamboo tripod stand to further enhance the look of the cage.

3. Preview Hendryx Jumbo Scrollwork Cage

For all Vintage decor lovers Out there, this cage is for you. Suitable for small and medium-sized birds, this cage has a stunning vintage design that will blend effortlessly into your interior. It is equipped with two plastic cups with hoods and two perches, so you can easily accommodate more birds in it. In addition, you will find a floor grille and a drawer in the cage, which makes cleaning less of a hassle. Since the cage can be cleaned by removing the tray, you don't have to worry about disturbing your birds.

4. Prevue Pet Products Bali Bird Cage

Most of the cages described earlier were quite large, but here is something for those looking for a smaller bird cage. While this cage is a bit smaller, it has a lot of unique features and a nice, fun design. If you have a finch, budgie or canary – this cage will be the perfect place for your pet. In addition, this bird cage is extremely affordable. So let's see what this cage has to offer.

First, let's talk about design and how it can add value to the decor of your home. If you love bright colors in your interior, you'll be happy to hear that this Prevue cage comes in three bright and bright colors. Regardless of whether you choose yellow, blue or green, you can beautify your house after setting up the cage. In the cage you will find a perch, the shape of which is inspired by real branches. This way you will ensure that your yardage will feel more like it is in nature. There is also a front flap door, feeders and pull-out compartments.

Finally, as you could see, there is no need to compromise on your home decor when choosing a bird cage. In fact, there are some lovely cages out there that will only add to the style of your home. All of that and your birds get a beautiful new environment to enjoy and explore!

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