With the long-awaited return dwelling being entertaining, comes the inevitable cascade of spills, smudges, and stains

Fortunately, a new generation of professional stain removers is powerful, safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly and made in the USA!

Millions of consumers after Covid are striving to renew the entertainment with family and friends. In fact, a recent Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index shows that nearly a third of Americans say they already socialize, and another 29 percent say they will once they or everyone in their circle is vaccinated. And while these get-togethers are well-deserved rewards for many months of reduced contact with loved ones, let's face it, the renewed hustle and bustle of the household will cause an inevitable cascade of stains, stains, and stains on carpets and rugs.

The good news for these consumers is that there are powerful new stain and stain removers for waterproof carpets and rugs that are professional, safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and made in the USA. Additionally, these cleaners are water-based and ideal for a wide variety of common household stains such as wine, coffee, oil, and more.

What's the secret?

The best water-based products use the latest in superhydrophilic technology for optimal stain removal and speed. Today's environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate that they are certified free of PFOS, PFOA, PFAA and 1,4-dioxane through independent laboratory results. In addition, they do not use chemical propellants and are both non-combustible and non-combustible.

There are two options for consumers. First, the aerosol-free spray version (known as the bag-on-valve) uses state-of-the-art packaging technology that ensures 360-degree operation and virtually no waste for convenient and economical use. An aerosol-free wash bottle version of the product is also available.

Quick cleanups are easy and safe

These new products are designed to remove carpet stains without scrubbing. Their fast-penetrating formula fights the toughest stains, from fresh pet accidents to red wine, oil, and more.

Before cleaning, be sure to test the color fastness by applying it to a concealed carpet surface. Let the test area dry completely (at least 12 hours) and watch for any change in color or texture. If color or texture is concerned, do not use. Avoid contact with painted, stained, or varnished surfaces, including wooden floors.

For best results, treat stains immediately before they dry. Easy:

  1. Spray the product on the stain, but avoid saturating the carpet.
  2. Carefully dab in circular motions with a clean, white, absorbent cloth.
  3. If necessary, repeat steps 1 and 2 after 10 minutes until the stain is completely gone.
  4. Always keep these products out of the reach of children.

Meeting family and friends after many months will be a pleasure. When these inevitable spills, stains and stains occur, rest assured that they can be completely and safely eliminated thanks to this new generation of professional products specially designed for consumer use.

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