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If you are planning to build your home or make a new investment, remember that this is a way to customize and create a space the way you want! offers designs of unique and modern homes. If you are a company in need of construction and branding assistance, Costerion has many services to meet your needs. Read on to find out more!

Plan to build a house, make it your home and take the opportunity to design a space that is ideally suited to all needs. After all, NEW HOME is the place to connect with loved ones and entertain new friends. The house you are building should be a perfect match for the land you plan to live on. In addition, a designed house must be environmentally friendly in order to meet the latest standards. Although these environmental systems initially cost more to implement, you save maintenance fees later.

Finished or original design

If you choose to build your own home, your options are many. One of the most important options is choosing between a prefabricated house or a bespoke house that is special and unique to you. Each selection allows you to look at designs, photos of the building process, and the final product. Get some expert opinions from people who have bought a new home, both original designs and prefabricated houses. Discussion forums and forums provide advice, tips, and information that can help you decide which type of home is right for you. Some of the benefits of having a prefabricated home are shorter investment times, the feeling of security that these homes have been tested during construction and optimized for a lower cost, and that these designs have been reviewed many times. Prefabricated houses have many advantages, but choosing the Original Design option has its own attractive aspects, such as the ability to customize your home to suit your needs. Before you decide on one of the two solutions, use the services of the project consultancy to determine the optimal solution for you.

If you are looking for an original design, we can help! We can research and record the specific requirements for space, planning and the appearance of the house according to your specifications. Your original design may require a plot of land that is an unusual shape or size. We look forward to accommodating you on this project. You need an architect who understands your needs and listens to every creative detail in order to develop your dream home. While an original design may cost more than a pre-made design, your home will be original and a place where you can really relax and entertain, and best of all, call your home.

Another more advanced solution for your new home is the customized project.

“When there are many options such as partitions, doors and windows and smaller elements, customers have the option to opt for these small changes,” says Marcin Kostka, owner of the Costerion company.

Just because you choose the pre-made option doesn't mean you can't change it! When choosing a pre-built project, always ask the question of the extent to which the project can be modified. A great architect will always have the answers. To see an exceptional example of either method, you can visit where you can buy a plan of your future home.

Understand your own unique needs

The first step in designing a home is to create a checklist of ideas and decide what you want most. This applies to changes to a pre-made design and a custom home. When working with an architect, don't be afraid to share your ideas so you can talk to them about them and get feedback. The size of the house can vary depending on how many people you want to live in it with. You don't want to spend money on space that you don't need. Which space you want is entirely up to you! If you enjoy working from home, you can add an executive study to reduce business costs while creating a quiet space. Are you planning to invite friends and family over for long luxurious weekends? Consider adding guest rooms to comfortably accommodate them. Utility rooms such as laundry rooms, pantries and cellars or winter gardens for additional entertainment space must also be taken into account. Remember to add a lounge to explore your creative activities. Ultimately, you want and need an original design that offers unlimited possibilities. If you prefer a simpler approach, a pre-made design might be the answer for you. Check out for more information.

Plan your space

There are some basic principles to be observed when planning a room. The living and dining room should ideally face south and southwest to get plenty of natural light from the sun. When you are having your meals or spending time with friends and family, it is always nice to do so in the warmth of the sun. To make sure you're taking advantage of the sun, you'll want bigger windows in these rooms too, a staple of modern design. Another way to take advantage of the sun is to aim your solar panels towards the sun to get as much solar energy as possible. This saves you money and protects the environment.

Other factors to consider include dividing your home into smaller zones. The day zone consists of rooms such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, guest room and bathroom. It would be best if these rooms have access to natural light. The other zone is the night zone, which consists of master bedrooms, adjoining baths, walk-in closets, children's rooms, and play areas. These rooms don't need as much sunlight, but they do need more privacy, away from activities of potential guests. Finally, there is the communication zone, which consists of rooms in which everyone in the household can hang out in order to feel connected and enjoy the space.

We can tell you all about how to properly organize spaces, but it's hard to imagine what those spaces will look like in the right place. Words can only do so much to show you the potential of your future home. To help you visualize your future house, Costerion offers services such as virtual tours of the house so that you can visually experience the future space. If planning gets too complicated, we can walk you through the process. Please visit for more information. As a company or individual, Costerion is able to provide the technology and accessories to take the building from thought to reality.

Get the right materials

One of the most important aspects of building a house is using the right materials. You want a home to last, sturdy, and well built for decades. Whether you are building a house or a company is trying to source materials for a house, it is always important that you have instant access to the materials you need. When choosing the construction technique, think about the different possibilities. You can choose from ceramic, concrete, wood (including wooden beams to accent the house), or the most expensive materials, or use most of the pre-made items that can save you money and time. The right building materials are also the key to optimal energy efficiency.

With an environmentally friendly house, you will always save money. A well-built, eco-friendly home uses less energy to heat and cool, resulting in affordable energy costs and fewer headaches. Insulation materials can range from mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam. The amount of material used and choosing the most effective one in a given category are important.

All of this leads to the question, where do you find these materials? This can be a very stressful part of the process and seem too complicated. However, by visiting you can buy / find building materials for your projects in one place.

From planning to designing to building, the whole process can seem very complicated with all of the different people that need to be involved. However, through our partnership with other companies, we can make this process very seamless and efficient for you. If you are a company looking to do many of these steps efficiently, or an individual trying to build their dream home, then Costerion is the one for you.

Smart home technology

Lighting gives every home a special touch and a feeling of warmth. Illuminated elements of the house effectively bring out the beauty and charm of the architecture and create an atmosphere that leaves a lot to be desired. The lighting gives a garden a special ambience so that you can admire and enjoy the landscape in the evening. It also has a special meaning for the security of your home with lighted driveways and garages.

When designing a modern home, there are options for adding smart home elements (IBMS or IIBMS). Modern building management systems can help optimize energy consumption in the home by controlling the central heating, air conditioning, heating elements in the floors, sprinklers, blinds and even lighting and alarm systems. These amazing technological marvels allow you to remotely manage your home for a sense of added security and the feeling that you are at home – even when you are not there. Very simple changes can be made that make the old methods seem primitive. Examples of these changes can be smart lighting and automation that make life easier. The lights can turn on automatically when you enter the house or turn off when you leave a room, which can also save you energy and money.

construction materials

Aside from the materials used to construct the building, there are other aspects of the building that are required to give it that aesthetic finish and finish. These can be windows, doors and garage doors. Windows and doors are things that you always look in and out through. So when you go in and out you want to see beauty. With Costerion, you can choose what type of window or door to add to your home. To help you with this, we also offer all of these essentials in three-dimensional space. As mentioned, we can do renders, visualizations, plans, and virtual tours to make sure your home looks exactly as you imagined it to be.

Brand and marketing

If you are a company looking to build a home for sale, marketing is always important. Costerion works with a professional marketing agency who can build your business with a marketing strategy plan from logo to website with online stores and social media campaigns. If you'd like to try it out, visit

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