Cadbury launches modern breakaway chocolate

Cadbury has released another exciting block for Australian chocolate lovers, Cadbury Dairy Milk Breakaway.

Available in two flavors to satisfy the taste of all Australian chocolate fans – soft and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate and rich Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate.

Each chunky 15g piece combines Australia's favorite chocolate with layers of waffle, cream, and a creamy chocolate core to create the perfect chocolaty waffle experience.

Cadbury Senior Marketing Director Paul Chatfield says, “We know how much Australians love the generous and indulgent nature of Cadbury chocolate, and we're excited to add light and crispy Cadbury Breakaway waffles to a delicious chocolate and waffle combo makes."

"The great chocolate makers at our Hobart factory have been working for over 12 months to get the recipe and the Cadbury chocolate and waffle combination just right."

To celebrate the launch, 500 blocks of Cadbury Breakaway were available at, giving chocolate lovers their first taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk Breakaway before they hit stores.

Cadbury Breakaway will hit store shelves in early July.

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