Coles helps the locals in Fitzroy sustainably refuel

Coles unveiled its newest Coles Local Store in Fitzroy, Melbourne, introducing new sustainable features designed to reduce plastic and costs.

For the first time for Coles, customers can bring their own container and fill it with select dry Scoop & Weigh products, freshly ground coffee from DC Specialty Roasters, cereals and muesli, candy, smoothie supplements and frozen fruit from Australian farms.

The store also has an olive oil refill station from Squeaky Gate Growers Co. and a range of refillable shampoos, conditioners, body washes and laundry fluids from ecostore.

"At Coles Local, we test and test innovative new features to see how our customers react," said Thinus Keevé, chief sustainability property and export officer at Coles.

“As part of our Together to Zero strategy to reduce waste and move towards a circular economy made of plastic, we are working with our suppliers to find innovative packaging solutions and test them with our customers. We know customers want us to make it easier for them to recycle, and it couldn't be much easier than simply reusing the container. "

The initiative is one of several attempts Coles is making on reusable packaging, partnering with Unilever in March for a washing liquid refill station in Coles Moonee Ponds and launching Coles & # 39; first refillable station with sustainable body and household care brand ecostore in Chatswood in November 2020.

Meeting local needs and tastes

Coles remains committed to supporting local suppliers, offering meat from world-class local butcher Meatsmith, chilled cakes from Cremorne Street Bakery, classic tiramisu and rich New York cheesecake from legendary Melbourne Café Brunetti, and pizza and pasta from Brunswick's popular Italian restaurant 400 Degrees .

In addition, the store has a large vegetarian area that combines almost 300 vegetarian lines (78% of which are also vegan) in one central location and makes it easier for customers to find plant-based alternatives.

The section includes dahls, curries and stews from Shilu’s and delicious foods, milk alternatives such as a vegan “Parmesan” from Dairy Free Down Under, as well as hummus and dips from Arlington’s.

Sustainability and support

Coles Local Fitzroy continues to campaign for sustainability through REDcycle with free cardboard carrier boxes that are available at the checkout, polos for team members made from partially recycled materials and recycling options for soft plastic for customers.

The business also addresses food waste by working with the food rescue organization SecondBite and its community partner, St Mary’s House of Welcome – a local open access center that provides basic services to people who are homeless and affected by poverty.

As part of Coles & # 39; Committed to the Fitzroy Community, the store has donated $ 5,000 to Fitzroy Primary School to fund a Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden so schoolchildren can learn about healthy eating, and will also donate $ 5,000 to St. Mary & Donate # 39; s House of Welcome.

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