Huge and small errors householders make

Are you a new homeowner? Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make!

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Whether you've just bought a brand new home, bought an older home, or even been a homeowner for some time, everyone can benefit from recognizing two mistakes (one small and the other large) that homeowners love to make.

The little mistake: overlooking the little things

If you've lived in an apartment or rented apartment before, you usually don't have to worry about repairs. As the homeowner, you are responsible for all repairs. No, you don't have to repair everything yourself, you should contact an expert. Here are a few little things homeowners like to overlook.

water is leaking out

Leaking faucets, toilets, and even a roof can seem like a minor problem to some homeowners – especially if the leak doesn't seem too serious. What many people may not know is that even these small leaks can add to your water bill. If left unchecked, these leaks can get worse over time and cause more damage, resulting in costly home repairs. In addition to the cost, water leaks and damage are not covered by home insurance if they have developed over time. It is best to avoid water damage before it occurs. So if you notice something Evidence of water leaks in your house, fix them ASAP or contact a professional.

Change the air conditioning filter

Forgetting to change the air conditioner filter every few months or sooner is another common thing some homeowners forget to do. These filters keep the air circulating in your home free of contaminants. Failure to change your filter can prevent the air conditioning system from working properly, which in turn can lead to higher energy costs. The pollutants that should be stopped by the filter can also be recirculated throughout the house. If you or someone in your house has allergies or if you have several pets in your house, you should change your filter monthly. If you only have one pet and don't have any allergies, your filter can be changed every two months. A household without allergies and without pets can work with the same air conditioning filter for up to three months.

Home inspections

One home inspection that you may not even have thought of is a chimney inspection. Constantly burning wood in a fireplace can create debris which can then lead to a serious fire. Chimney cleaning is best done by professionals. Speaking of fire, does everyone check their smoke alarms to make sure they're working properly? Most people neglect the smoke alarms and even carbon monoxide (CO) alarms if they have one. If you often make a fire in your fireplace, you absolutely need a carbon monoxide alarm, because CO can be released from wood.

The big mistake: trying to do big renovation projects

All D.I.Y. Projects are not the same. Do you need a few additional storage spaces? Bring shelves to your walls! Do you need a new headboard for your bed? Go to your local hardware store and purchase the materials to make it. Do you need to tear down a wall to make more space in your home? Stop right there! There are only a few Home projects best done by professionals. Other home projects and updates require special permission. There are so many shows about remodeling and renovating our homes that sometimes we feel like we can do some of these projects ourselves. For any major home remodeling project, unless you've been in the construction industry, are actively working on, or are undergoing, licenses, it's best not to do it yourself License renewal process.

Of course, there are other mistakes homeowners can make, but these are some common mistakes that homeowners make at every stage of home ownership. If in doubt, contact a specialist! You don't want to ignore something small until it gets bigger, and you don't want to attempt a project that you are not properly trained, licensed, or qualified to do.

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