Trade survey "2021 State of Retail Advertising and marketing" now reside

Business! ANZ calls on shopper and retail marketing experts from all retail-related disciplines to participate in the first ANZ shopper and retail marketing industry survey in four years.

This important study provides guidance on where the retail marketing industry in Australia and New Zealand is coming from and what is expected in the next three years, and covers topics and trends such as budgets, digital, experience, internal structure and sustainability. , amongst other things.

Respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the resulting research report valued at $ 295. A deeper insight into the results of the research is presented in the shop! ANZ 2021 Retail Marketing Online Conference from 6.-7. September 2021.

You can find the survey here.

The ‘2021 State of Retail Marketing Survey’ is sponsored by Shop! ANZ together with Norrelle Goldring, Executive Director of Illuminera. Ms. Goldring founded the first benchmark study for the shopper marketing industry more than a decade ago and has carried out this important industry research every three years since then.

The 2020 report was put on hold due to the Covid-19 disruption, but with the market now returning to previous levels of activity, having a measure of where the industry is headed has never been more important.

Business! Carla Bridge, general manager of ANZ, says the survey, with several hundred respondents, is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

“We're inviting retailers, brands, manufacturers, and retail-related agencies of all kinds to give their views by July 9th so we can collectively understand how much progress the industry has made over the past three years and how we can expect retail marketing. "Change," says Ms. Bridge.

“This is especially important in light of recent events, which are making it increasingly difficult to predict what to expect in the future. This study will be an invaluable barometer for retail marketing. "

Ms. Goldring says previous surveys revealed a number of measures to improve the industry and realign Shop! have led. ANZ develops shopper marketing tools and training for the industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Business! ANZ invites shopper and retail marketing experts from all retail-related disciplines to take part in the shop, which takes place every three years! "State of Retail Marketing Survey."

The focus areas of the "2021 State of Retail Marketing Survey" include:

  • Experience, support and level of resources in individuals and organizations.
  • Types of buyer marketing activations, touchpoints, and measurement.
  • Digital, mobile and social shopper and retail marketing practice.
  • Trends, challenges and the future.

So take part

Fill out the survey here. The poll will remain open until July 9th.

It is recommended that participants pass the survey link on to all relevant industry contacts to fill out. The more reactions there are from the industry, the greater the view of the entire industry.

For more information on the ‘2021 State of Retail Marketing Survey & Report’, contact Shop! General Manager Carla Bridge at (02) 9281 2630 or email

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