“Nothing to cover” within the Danone Two Good marketing campaign

Danone Two Good Yogurts have “nothing to hide” when it comes to their total sugar content, with “only 2g of naturally occurring total sugar per 150g cup” as printed on the front of the pack.

This unique offer has inspired a creative platform and campaign to raise awareness of the Two Good brand and educate consumers as well.

Two Good Senior Brand Manager Ramona Culda says, “We created a comprehensive integrated campaign that used humor and simple insight to highlight the overall sugar difference between Two Good and some 'other yogurts'.

"This was a great opportunity to talk about the merits of our product and educate consumers about the relatively higher total sugar in the yogurts they consume compared to the 2g total sugar per 150g cup of Two Good yogurt."

The over-the-line campaign includes a series of digital videos starring comedians Nina Oyama and Josh Earl bringing Two Good and “other yoghurt” to life as characters who navigate the differences between them in terms of total sugar and artificial ingredients. The creative platform will be further expanded through an integrated campaign in OOH, PR, sampling and social media.

"We know that many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their sugar consumption without compromising on taste," says Ms. Culda. “We created Two Good Yoghurt with a filter and sieve process that removes sugar from the milk and leaves only 2 g of naturally occurring sugar per 150 g serving, but still has the characteristic creamy texture and taste without preservatives, artificial colors. or retains flavorings. "

Two Good is available in 150 g tubs in four flavors; Mango, vanilla, mixed berries, and salted caramel; and in 700g cups in strawberry and vanilla. Available at Coles, Woolworths and Independents.

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