Guaranteeing the optimum efficiency of espresso machines

Paul Martin

The number one cause of espresso machine failure is lack of basic maintenance. The 5,000th shot you brew should be just as good as the very first, provided your machine is well maintained.

From WKSHOP technical director Paul Martin.

At WKSHOP, we take a two-pronged approach to ensure that your espresso machine continues to operate at its optimal level.

Regular six- and twelve-month maintenance is very important. A preventive maintenance check is like your annual auto-tuning: we check the entire machine. We open it, look inside, and check flow, times, and pressure to make sure the machine is working as well as the first day you used it. Because if not, you just made a $ 15,000 mistake.

After six months we change the shower wall, go over the group heads, replace worn seals and rebuild the steam nozzle. They are always a bit worn out.

It's all pretty simple, but every part of the machine contributes to this final brew.

After 12 months we check and replace the safety parts on the boilers, such as B. the vacuum and safety valves, as well as the flow meter sensors and solenoid valves to ensure that they are all within tolerance.

The next part of the equation is up to the machine owner. Here is a breakdown of what you should be doing to make sure your machine has a long and happy life.

A dirty espresso machine shower strainer and a clean one.

After every brew

Let the shower screen rinse for two seconds. This will remove and grind any old oils so your next brew won't be extracted through the old residue. It's also important to tap the handle empty after each brew – don't leave it in the machine.

After lunch

Another great tip is to try the coffee yourself throughout the day. Here, too, it should taste the same throughout the afternoon as it did in the morning. If you can taste a difference, make sure the stick is free of dry milk and that you cleaned this head properly.

Which one would you prefer your coffee by?

After every day

At the end of the day or shift, make sure you backwash each head with chemicals and that the steam wand is clean – not caked in brown, dried-on milk. Obviously, if you can keep your machine clean during the day, it's not that big a job.

Ultimately, it's a simple, logical process: keep your machine clean, keep your space tidy. A customer might look at a neglected machine or a barista room and think, "If you can't take care of the machine, what chance do you have of taking care of me and my coffee?" I'll be honest, I'll walk out one Cafes when the machine is not being maintained.

At WKSHOP, we know that a clean machine is a happy machine. A happy machine makes good coffee. And above all, good coffee ensures that customers keep coming back.

About Paul Martin

Paul Martin is the technical director at WKSHOP. He is responsible for ensuring that the WKSHOP coffee partners receive technical support and after-sales support so that their coffee equipment works optimally.


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