What’s the finest end for concrete flooring?

Nowadays, concrete floors are very popular for their appearance and durability. There are now several types of concrete floor finishing options available in the market. Polishing concrete floors is not easily damaged and is resistant to chemical damage.

There are no scratches or scratches on the floor. It is also water-resistant and therefore easy to clean.

Best finish for concrete floors

For your home, depending on the style, you can choose any concrete floor from the variety available on the market. You can lay concrete floors both indoors and outdoors. Choose one of the following best surfaces for concrete floors:

Sand finish concrete

It has a great texture and color of sand. You need to choose a concrete mix that uses sand as an aggregate to get a concrete floor with a sand finish. When the concrete dries, spray the chemical on the surface and let it dry for about 20 hours. The top level of the soil dries slowly due to this chemical. The next day, wash the top layer to expose the sand underneath.

Trowel concrete

Trowel finish Concrete floor can be obtained by using trowels, which are used for smoothing surfaces. A hand trowel or power trowel is swept over the surface before it is completely dried for smoothing.

Feather finish concrete

Feather Finish Concrete is a type of concrete floor that uses a commercially available spring processing compound. It smooths out the imperfections on the floor and gives you a smooth but textured surface. You can apply this compound yourself as it is very easy to apply. First, mix the feather finishing product with the recommended amount of water in a container. Use a steel trowel to apply the mixture and let it dry. Once it is fully cured you will get the final look which is pretty awesome.

What is the best finish for concrete floors - acid wash

Brushed concrete finish

A brushed concrete finish is achieved by dragging a paint brush over it. With the help of different brushes, you can create a variety of differently textured concrete floors. In addition, you can choose your type, style and texture according to your needs. Different sizes of the brush bristles and the winter hardiness or softness determine the texture of the floor.

Top-Cast Concrete Finish

It's a type of concrete surface that uses a surface retarder called Top-Cast. This connection exposes the aggregate present in the cement. It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. It's also easy to use and use. All you have to do is choose what texture and color you want and the rest will be done. The final look is sure to amaze you.


The concrete floor offers you a robust and low-maintenance surface that can withstand any wear and tear. The above article covers the list of the best finishes for concrete floors. Hopefully you have a thorough idea of ​​the best surface for concrete floors and must already have one selected for you. You can also contact Concrete Polishing Perth for expert advice.

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