Mrs. Mac launches the pastry casserole

Ms. Macs introduced the rectangular pastry cake, which is being advertised as a "brand new type of cake".

According to the brand, recent research shows that more than 70% of Australian respondents prefer to eat a cake with their hands. The new pastry casserole, which will be launched today on the first day of winter, was specially developed to meet the demand for one-handed snacks on the go.

Ms. Mac's chef and pastry chef Liam O'Neil says it's no surprise that Aussies love winter cake.

“In the colder months, cake consumption even increases by 20%,” he says.

“We have been perfecting cakes and pastries for almost seventy years and wanted to bring something new to this market.

"We see the new pastry casserole as the next innovation in the popular cake – a whole new kind of pastry experience for on the go or a quick and easy meal at home."

Mrs Mac's pastry spreads are available in ham & cheese, bacon, egg & cheese, pulled beef and creamy chicken. They are now available in convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations across Australia.

Supported by research

To celebrate the launch, Ms. Mac commissioned a survey to uncover the Aussie cake labels in each state and learn more about our "love affair" with the humble cake.

According to the survey, 70% of respondents eat a cake at least once a month, 30% eat it weekly. Almost three quarters of those surveyed are “cake purists” and eat their cake with the lid closed, while the remaining 26% prefer to deconstruct it.

Surprisingly, says Ms. Mac, almost one in five respondents (17%) don't add sauce to their cake. For those who do, it has to be tomato sauce 85% of the time. When it comes to where to place the sauce, the nation is divided. Slightly more than 50% of the respondents (55%) prefer a clack over the cake, followed by a "lid" (16%). More than one in 10 (12%) opts for sauce on the side.

Almost all respondents (94%) agree that fillings and pastries are the most important characteristic of a cake. In particular, according to Ms. Mac, Australians love the classic flavors, with beef, beef, cheese and bacon and steak taking the top three places as the most popular fillings.

The results also show differences between states, as Victoria and Tasmania compete for the greatest cake lover title in the states. A third of respondents (33%) consumed at least one cake a week. It was followed by NSW and ACT (32%), South Australia and Northern Territory (31%), Western Australia (26%) and Queensland (25%).

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