What’s shotcrete and when is it used?

Shotcrete is mortar, or excellent concrete, deposited onto the prepared surface by spraying at high speed. Depending on the manufacturing process, it can be either a dry or a wet cement. You can choose the right shotcrete mix to meet your project needs. You can get the mixture in place by spraying the structure where you want it, vertically or horizontally.

This is only possible because of the high speed of the spray and the speed at which the material solidifies and dries.

Dry blending process

You must mix cement and wet aggregates in the required proportions before adding them to the injection molding machine. You then need to add the mixture to the equipment container. Use the delivery hose to carry the material from the hopper to the nozzle with compressed air. Once the material has reached the nozzle, introduce water under pressure and mix with other ingredients. When the water content is higher, concrete tends to sag when sprayed onto the vertical surface. Therefore, the amount of water should be adjusted so that the waste of material is the least. The water-cement ratio should be in the range from 0.33 to 0.5.

Wet mixing process

This process involves mixing all of the materials such as cement, sand, small coarse aggregates, and water before allowing the mixture into the dispenser chamber. The mixed concrete is later fed into a nozzle and additional air is injected into the nozzle to increase speed and improve the walking pattern. The use of the dry mixing process is common when using lightweight concrete. The lower the water-cement ratio used, the higher the strength. It also causes less creep and drying shrinkage and higher durability. While in the wet process a higher durability can be achieved through the use of air inlet means.

When is shotcrete used?

Shotcrete is widely used in underground walls, retaining walls, tunnels and swimming pools for intermediate support. To protect the slope with wire mesh and in some narrow areas, you can spray it on any surface where pedestrian concreting is not possible. Shotcrete has advantages over traditional concrete in that fewer formwork requirements are required and a small portable facility is required for placement and ease of manufacture. . Shotcrete has the ability to make a remarkable bond with multiple materials, and this can be an essential consideration when it comes to construction work.

What is shotcrete and when is it used? Shotcrete

The difference between shotcrete and concrete occurs during its placement. You apply concrete by using a mixer truck, preparing the mixture, and pouring it onto the floor. Conversely, spray the concrete with the help of a cement gun. The fresh concrete in the sprayer is Shotcrete. The gun applies the mixture at a high speed, which gives the end product a high degree of robustness, low permeability and high strength.


The shotcrete method requires less formwork and is cheap and economical. It forms a good chemical bond between different materials. The article covers all the details of shotcrete and when it can be used. You can also contact us at http://www.shotcretemelbourne.com/ for more information.

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