What are the advantages of powder coating home goods?

While we are in the spring, many of us will be thinking about a spring cleaning and maybe redecorating parts of our homes!

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This often includes a trip to the local hardware store to pick up a can of paint and some new brushes. However, there is an alternative that gives various household items a fantastic finish that will last a long time! Powder coating is a process that is used in manufacturing, but there are also significant benefits that affect household items. Below are some of these benefits, using examples of items that you can powder coat. Before we do this, some readers may not be familiar with powder coating. Here is a brief explanation of the process.

In contrast to painting with liquid paint from a can, powder coating is a special process that requires a professional to carry out the work in a specially designed environment with the necessary equipment. In order to powder coat metal objects, the metal must first be properly cleaned using a process such as blasting. After this is completed, the object is transferred to a clean room and grounded. This helps attract the paint powder to the object when the powder is forced through an electrostatic gun using compressed air, which gives the powder a positive charge. Once the coating is complete, the object is baked in a curing oven to further strengthen the coating. What are the benefits of powder coating household items?


While many household items may not be what we think of, making sure they are durable is a critical trait. Paint is prone to peeling and cracking, and that never looks good. Compared to traditional liquid paints, powder coating offers a far more durable option. Many household items could benefit from a more durable surface. For example, if you have a busy household with young children or pets, metal table or chair legs can benefit from powder coating to ensure they look their best. As summer approaches, many of us will look forward to spending time outside in the garden. Due to the cold and wet weather in autumn and winter, metal garden furniture painted with liquid paint can crack and flake. However, the powder coating is far more durable in cold winter weather and still looks its best when you arrive in summer.

Look and feel

Keeping household items looking their best is important, and powder coating can definitely help in this area. Powder coating allows you to create different finishes depending on your style. There is also an option to mix colors if you want a graduated finish that is much more difficult to achieve with liquid colors. Just considering what a household item is supposed to look like that needs painting, the powder coating can create a smooth surface without the risk of paint draining and streaks or lines, as is often the case with liquid paint.

Improved effectiveness

One area that is overlooked with paint is how it affects the effectiveness of certain household items. Radiators are a perfect example of this. Powder-coated radiators can improve their emissivity. This is the measure by which surfaces are judged based on their effectiveness in emitting energy as heat. Compared to a glossy surface, a powder-coated surface has a higher emissivity. This way you can run your radiators for a shorter time while still producing heat effectively. Powder coating radiators can improve their appearance and functionality. Overall, powder coating can really benefit household items in a number of ways. In addition to helping household items look good, powder coating can also help keep them looking and working well for longer than traditional liquid paints. As mentioned earlier, this is a special skill that requires a professional with the right training and equipment to perform. If you are interested in having household items powder coated, you should contact a local company to discuss this with them.

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