Steel roof | 5 sorts and what they provide

When it comes to areas of your home, the roof is one of the most important. You may not be aware of this, but they don't just keep the interior of your home dry. A good roof can also keep the temperature comfortable and save money!

This article looks at different types of metal roofs and their benefits.

1. Copper roof

If you've ever seen a building with a blue / green roof, you're already familiar with copper roofs. It has been used as a sturdy building material for centuries. An initial effort offers great value for money as it is much more durable than slate or asphalt roofs. If you take good care of it, it could easily take half a century or more! If you live in an environment where the temperature varies with each season of the year, this can be an excellent choice as it is less prone to warping in extreme heat and cold. Copper is also very light due to its composition. This facilitates transport and assembly with minimal stress on the underlying structure.

2. Aluminum roof

If there is one area of ​​your home that is exposed to the weather, it is the roof. Aluminum offers excellent weather resistance. It doesn't absorb water, doesn't warp, and is pretty tough when it comes to large hailstones and other bad weather. Aluminum is also less prone to oxidation than some other materials. This means it will look great for longer. It also reflects the sun's rays. If you live in an area with lots of sunshine (you're lucky enough) you will find that aluminum roofs help keep your home cooler. Companies like Metal Roofing Jacksonville, FL can provide more information on how effective this can be.

3. Galvalume steel roof

Galvalume steel roofs are usually supplied in corrugated iron. It is a good choice as it is very easy to assemble and very durable. Since it is light, it can also be retrofitted over an existing roof structure or material. Galvalume is an alloy of aluminum and steel with a zinc coating. The coating protects the steel underneath and is therefore corrosion and weather resistant. As with aluminum roofs, this material reflects the sun's rays and keeps your home cool. It also reflects heat back into your home and covers you during those colder months. Galvalume is really inexpensive. When you consider that asphalt roofs require renovation and maintenance roughly every 10 to 15 years, you can see significant savings as Galvalume requires significantly less maintenance.

Metal roof 5 types and what they offer - Galvalume steel roof

4. Galvanized steel roof

Electroplating is the coating of a metal surface with a thin layer of zinc. Zinc has excellent anti-corrosive properties that make every sheet durable. While brick and slate can be heavy (especially in the quantities required for a full roof), galvanized sheet steel is light and flexible. It is a particularly good roofing material in areas with strong winds. When assembled correctly, the sturdy exterior can withstand virtually any weather. A major advantage of galvanized steel is that it is really affordable. The price is comparable to asphalt but has a long lifespan, so it is a good choice.

5. Tin roof

Tin roofs are very environmentally friendly. Along with some other types, they reflect the sun's rays. It's also very easy to apply a layer of insulation underneath to keep your home warm during the winter. You will often find that tin roofs contain a lot of recycled material. This also makes it much better for the environment, especially when held against other roof types like slate and asphalt. Tin roofs come in panels of 3 feet or more, which means they are easy to install even on large roofs.


There are many options when choosing metal roofs. Most offer a high level of weather protection, are lightweight, and save money, both on initial costs and on future maintenance. As an added benefit, they can make your home more energy efficient.

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