Hottest and superior concrete lifting companies

Gone are the days when mudjacking was the only way to deal with sinking plates in your house!

These days, seasoned contractors have some great options for lifting concrete. They take less time to cure and work as permanent and permanent solutions.

Hydraulic plate lift pillars

Building contractors have started investing money in these steel pillars as they are quite easy to use and provide their clients with an extreme level of stability which makes them happy. When it comes to repairing sinking or subsiding foundations, they become a famous solution. Contractors are happy to offer this solution as these pillars can be installed using some portable equipment – no more heavy lifting required.

The foundation development is the central problem that can be solved quickly with slab lift pillars. The main reasons for lowering concrete slabs are poor soil compaction, Soil consolidation and maturing vegetation.

How does pier work?

Hydraulic plate piers work just like other piers, except that they are not repository piers. You don't rely on skin friction to add additional support to the plate and in reality it's the other way around. Plates act as a reaction force. Contractors install resistance pillars under the foundation in a grid pattern. Typically five feet of space is required between them. After setting, the slab load is transferred to the pillars. Hydraulic cylinders evenly distributed this weight on each pier.

Benefits of Using Hydraulic Ceiling Lifting Piers

There are several advantages to using these specific lifting services in Greenville.

  • You can use this method to lift a plate that is thicker than 5 cm
  • You can rely on this sinking concrete solution
  • Portable and light equipment does not damage the landscape
  • The weight is evenly distributed on each installed pier
  • It takes less time to repair the surface
  • The method requires little to no vibration
  • Cost effective solution

Polypier for lifting and leveling concrete

If you have sinking concrete around your house and driveway, there is a risk of tripping as the concrete has sunk and lost its stability due to ground movement. It would be best if you used something solid Level your concrete. The polymer has become a popular product when it comes to it Concrete jack in Greenville. You need to understand how this product can work efficiently to achieve optimal levels of concrete lifting and leveling. The main reason your concrete slab lost its cosmetic appeal is because of the loss of the material attached underneath. Two-part polyurethane is used to inject under your home foundation. This product expands and then becomes firm to improve support.

Benefits of Using Polyjacking

Convenient – In the past, contractors used slurry or cement slurry to repair sunken floors or concrete slabs. However, it takes so much time and manpower. The introduction of the poly-jacking approach gives contractors the ultimate in convenience. You can easily fill the gap in the foundation. Here are some advantages of leveling concrete using this method.

Low overhead costs: Some equipment is required to offer this solution. Since the contractor needs a few things, they'll charge you a few dollars and your home improvement job is done. Isn't it amazing?

Simple application: Small holes are drilled to inject this material into the plate. The ease of use is another plus of this method.

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