Are Leaf Blowers a Risk to Your Automobile?

Leaf blowers can be very helpful when it comes to tidying up your property in the middle of fall, but it seems many car owners are becoming suspicious of this coveted device. You may have heard someone say that they actually hated leaf blowers! However, many people wonder what kind of damage the equipment could cause to a vehicle and whether this only applies to gas-powered vehicles Backpack blower or some other specific category.

This article examines the animosity between the blower and the car in every way. So stay here to know the truth!

Paint problems

Car paint is an essential part of the appearance and safety of the vehicle. It's no wonder car enthusiasts tend to treat heating and / or blowing objects near their car with suspicion, to say the least. Fortunately, even the most powerful leaf blowers don't generate enough heat or airflow to damage paintwork. It's so unlikely that blowers will damage the car paint by simply blowing it that they are actually used to make it dry faster. This helps remove ugly water marks that can otherwise spoil the appearance of the freshly painted car and speeds up the process overall. If someone tells you their car was damaged by a leaf blower, it most likely means that the damage was a side effect of the blowing process. What sometimes happens when the person using the blower is not careful enough is scratches.

The bad scratches

Scratches come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be caused by a variety of factors related to the blower. Like any instrument that the operator carries or moves, a leaf blower can damage nearby objects by simply rubbing them. Because of this, if you see someone using a blower near your vehicle, it should probably just alarm you a little. Cables make things a lot less manageable, but luckily the market is full of cordless models that run on gas or electricity. These are often carried in a backpack style on the operator's back. However, there is a chance that the long tube that supports the nozzle will leave a scratch here and there.

Are leaf blowers a threat to your car - leaf blowers

After all, blowing on a car is a bad idea as it can kick up dirt that hits the vehicle and also scratches the paintwork. This is likely not a problem if the underside is concerned. However, think about the visible parts that need to be protected from any pebbles, twigs, etc. The above scratch issues are not really specific to blowers. Any device that can approach a car or blow something in its direction can become a threat if operated randomly, and a leaf blower is no exception.

Blower against car: the verdict

Leaf blowers are generally safe to use near cars as long as the operator is careful what they are doing. Remember to blow away from the vehicle to avoid scratches and watch out for rubbing. Have you ever experienced a car problem caused by blowers? Tell us in the comments!

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