7 Surprisingly Reasonably priced Countertop Transforming Tasks To Do At Residence

Your countertop experiences a lot every day, so it is natural that it will get boring over time. And even if it looks good, you may want to update it to change. When it comes to updating your countertops, it is difficult to find affordable options. However, if you're working on a budget, you don't have to miss out on redesigning your countertops.

Instead, you can try DIY ideas that are much cheaper than traditional approaches. In this article, we're going to highlight some affordable remodeling projects for you.

DIY concrete countertop

Concrete worktops are trendy these days and give your kitchen a distinctive feel. These countertops will look great in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. The process can get you a little dirty, but it will be worth it. You have to be very careful here as it can get a bit labor intensive. The first step is to create your concrete form and secure it properly. Then you need to pour in the concrete mix and let it harden overnight. Then you need to fill it up with liquid polish and manure and let it harden overnight. Finally, before installation, polish the concrete dry and allow it to harden.

Color your wood countertops

Butcher block countertops are premium; so is their price. How about your own wooden worktop? You can make stained wood countertops and if you properly maintain them, they will last for many years. However, the process is a little tricky. If you are a beginner in DIY projects, consider other options. This is because there is no margin to screw it up, but the end result will be nice if you are careful.

And you can paint the wood any color you want. Make sure your wood is properly cleaned and conditioned before applying the wood stain. Let the stain harden overnight, then apply three coats of polyurethane to the plate. Let dry for 24 hours. Once you're done, you can install the circuit board over the countertop.

Make your laminate look like granite

When your laminate countertop has gotten old, give it a new and luxurious look with this DIY idea. As with other DIY countertop projects, make sure your countertop is cleaned and smoothed. And if there are large chips or gaps in your countertop, epoxy putty can be used to fill them in. Make sure you have everything on hand before starting the actual process. Whether it is the self-adhesive primer or the wetting agent, distribute it in an even layer.

After that, you need to move quickly to distribute the paint chips heavily over the entire countertop. You have to do it while the surface is still damp. Keep pouring a thick layer of decorative chips, making sure the base coat is not visible. Let the countertop harden for 24 hours, then use a brush to remove any loose decorative chips. Sand the countertop until you get a smooth surface and cover it with a protective topcoat.

Upholstered worktops

Give your old countertop a new look with padded worktops. This gives your room a very soft look. However, it is only suitable for areas where you will not be using water. For this project you will need to install a sheet of plywood first to make sure you get a smooth countertop. The next step is to distribute your cushioning material. This is where you can be creative. You have several options to choose from that will suit your decor. You can fill any remaining gaps with the grille cladding.

7 Surprisingly Affordable Countertop Remodeling Projects To Do At Home - Amazing Countertop

Faux Carrara marble countertops

Marble is a premium material, but it can be quite expensive. Take the time to clean and prep the counters before painting. Use extra water on the vein to make it look more natural. You can either blot water or spray and use a soft brush to create a vein. The painting process is easier than you think.

Make it look like a stone

Do you love soap stones but don't have a budget for it? Do not worry; With this DIY, your countertop will look like it's made from real premium stone. The first step is to remove the laminate coating from your countertop with a drywall knife. After this process, you are left with textured wood. Assuming you want more texture, dab the surface with a hammer to get the look you want.

When you're satisfied, apply a coat of blackboard paint and let the first coat dry out completely before applying the second coat. It is recommended to apply at least two coats and make them evenly. When both layers have dried properly, the next step is to seal the countertop. To do this, you need a wax or polyacrylic top layer, which you apply to your worktop with the applicator. However, if you are going to work on the countertop you are using a lot, consider using Polycryl for the heavy-duty sealing.

Make your own granite countertops

You don't necessarily have to hire a professional to install your granite countertops. You can create the same thing with a DIY granite countertop kit. Make sure to properly clean and prime your countertop. In the kit you will find three accents for color paints and sponge. Pour the three cans of paint into separate bowls and machine a two-foot section. Work fast because you want them to blend to create a natural granite structure. One good thing about this DIY is that there is no wrong or right way to go. You can choose the depth of the color you like.

The bottom line

There you have it, so many great DIY ideas to decorate your countertops on a budget. You can choose the one you like the most. In addition, you can try different styles in different areas of your room like kitchen, bathroom, window counter, etc.

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