Tea Tonic sees an increase in "calm tea".

Market research giant Mintel says foods and beverages that create a sense of calm are expected to be a growing area in the next 12 months, as the world continues to struggle.

One brand that is successful in this area is Tea Tonic. Established in 1998, Tea Tonic makes a range of teas from organic plants and herbs to cure diseases and promote health. The company will be one of the many functional beverage brands on display and presented to retailers and distributors at the 2021 Naturally Good Health Expo B2B event, May 30-31 at the ICC in Sydney.

One of its newest teas, True Calm, launched last year during the pandemic, has since been a top seller among its 33 varieties.

With exotic ingredients such as tulsi (holy basil), moringa, monk fruit and cornflower, the tea is said to relieve anxiety and depression, improve mood and create inner peace.

"It worked really well and started at just the right time – when the whole 'work from home' movement began," said Eliza Alati of Tea Tonic. "We also hear more about children these days who suffer from anxiety, so it's a great tea for kids too."

The other new product that has since been high on Tea Tonic's sales list is Chocolate Chai Tea. "This tea made a real difference as people don't often associate chocolate with tea. However, it was incredibly popular."

The tea, which contains cocoa nibs, chai and monk fruits, is said to stimulate the brain to release neurotransmitters that can trigger feel-good hormones.

Aside from the latest additions, Alati said, Tea Tonic's other big seller is the highly instagrammed tea – Blue Magic, which changes from a dazzling blue color to a bright purple with a splash of lemon. “A natural ingredient called butterfly pea changes the shade. It's not often that you see a tea color other than brown or black.

"It is also very high in antioxidants and iron. We are always innovating and have more teas in the works in the next 12 months. We are confident that they will be successful too."

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