Suggestions for utilizing a mirror as an inside component

Can you imagine a home without a single mirror? We can not. The bed can be replaced with a sofa, an armchair with a chair, but now no interior design can do without a mirror. We have compiled many interesting examples of a wide variety of mirrors, their functions and use cases.

A topic that is essentially simple and so important in terms of content deserves special attention!

The first archaeological findings about the similarity of mirrors come from the Bronze Age. Then they were made from pewter, gold, or platinum so they were a luxury item only available to the very wealthy. In the modern sense, the mirror – as we are used to it – was worked out in the 13th century when Europe learned to blow glass. For such a long time of its existence, the mirror has acquired many myths and superstitions.

The ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea off the coast of Cyprus. The traditional attribute of this goddess is a mirror. A large copper deposit was discovered in ancient Greece, Cyprus became the “copper center” of the entire Mediterranean, and at that time mirrors were made from this metal. So there was an image called "Mirror of Venus" (Aphrodite), which is understandable all over the world and denotes the female gender, the chemical element copper and the planet Venus. In many cultures, the mirror has become an essential feature of characters associated with beauty and mystical power.

What can a mirror do in an interior?

The visual change in the room. Through the intelligent use of mirrored surfaces, the room area can be optically enlarged. Additional lighting. Make a double advantage of the mirror – the light from a window or lamp can be multiplied by mirrors. Decor. We are used to seeing a mirror in the bathroom or in the hallway, where it performs its main task – reflection. But in the living room it can be a feature of the interior and the central element of the composition. Now you can choose a mirror for every taste and budget. Focus on the style of the interior and your preferences.

What kind of mirrors are there?

With frame

Framed mirrors are a very effective way to decorate an interior. The profile of the baguette can be flat or with relief, wood, metal, plastic. The frame can be painted, artificially aged, covered with patina, gilded or left in the natural wood color. In general, there are many design options. Rely on your personal preferences and the general style of the interior when choosing. For example, luxury shaped baguettes in a classic style look appropriate. And such mirrors in strict dark frames go well with the contemporary style, Provence or cozy Scandi. The frame can be made in a light contrasting color – this decor will definitely not go unnoticed.

No frame

A frameless mirror is a great choice for those who love simplicity and functionality. Minimalism in the interior is becoming more and more relevant. Avoiding unnecessary decoration does not mean a spartan atmosphere. A frameless mirror works best with built-in or backlighting because there is never much light.

Floor mirror

A floor mirror looks great in a living room, bedroom, or hallway. Of course, if there is enough space. Finally, designers recommend installing a floor mirror with a height of at least 1.7 meters so as not to lose its functionality. Large mirrors hide the imperfections of the wall and visually enlarge the area of ​​the room. Add light and air to the room. Popular in living rooms, effective in bedrooms.

Tips for using a mirror as an interior element - floor mirror

Mirrored doors

A logical way to expand the space that has become popular is to use sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors. Or interior doors with mirrors. You can customize a canvas of any size and attach it to an existing surface.

On the ceiling

Perhaps this is the most controversial, but also the most effective way to decorate the ceiling. It is said that this can make you dizzy, and large mirrors only take up space on low ceilings. So in general, be careful.


Mirror plates are sold as a set or individually. Functionality is already giving way to decor, and from such panels you can create compositions according to your taste.

Compositions from mirrors

If the designers have already come up with a mirror composition for you, all that's left to do is hang it on the wall as a stylish decoration. Such “art objects” can compete aesthetically with paintings and do not tolerate any other decors in their vicinity. Or you can buy a set of individual mirrors and compose them as you like.

Pictured mirror

Everything is now cut out of mirrors – from small leaves to figurines of trees all over the wall. An unusual alternative to posters and pictures on the wall. There are options for the type of vinyl sticker – thin mirror sheets of various shapes with a self-adhesive backing.

Sun mirror

These mirrors now look a little "retro". The first known image of a mirror in the shape of the sun is a painting by Jan van Eyck "Portrait of the Arnolfini couple" from 1434! Sun mirrors are often found in interior styles such as Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern. The “Bohemian geometry” of this accessory manifests itself in various forms – metal, wood, gold, silver. One thing is unchangeable – a mirror in the shape of the sun is always big and spectacular.

Mirror as a panel

A mirror instead of a picture is a very conceptual solution. It is suitable for different styles but is only used as a decoration. However, if you hang a mirror at eye level, you can tell that the one who is reflected in it is a work of art. That is, the person himself. This is probably how annotations on art objects in museums of modern art are written 🙂

Tips for using a mirror as an interior element - panels

Mirrored furniture

Tables, cabinets and chandeliers. This is not an exhaustive list of the things that can be done with a mirror. Basically everything – from a vase to a kitchen set. Just don't forget that mirrors require careful handling. To avoid fingerprints on mirrored cabinets, choose hinge handles instead of pressure mechanisms. You can find some of these pieces of furniture at

A mirror is a great example of how decor can transform a room. Add light and air. Change the visual perception of the room. If you like mirrors but don't know how to properly install them in the interior, we are always here for you! And if, after so many examples, you know and understand everything, then success in battle!

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