Three new "native" shops will open as Coles accelerates the rollout

First new Coles supermarket in Sydney business district in 15 years.

Coles is accelerating innovation in its new store formats and announces plans to open three new small format Coles Local supermarkets by the end of June.

Coles Local York Street opens today and is the Coles Group's first supermarket to open in Sydney's business district in 15 years. Two more stores are scheduled to open next month in Melbourne's Fitzroy and the Ascot suburb of Brisbane, the first local store in Queensland.

The 833-square-foot Sydney CBD location is smaller than a full-range Coles supermarket. For the first time ever, data analytics will be used in a CBD store to tailor around 4,700 product lines to a custom store layout specially designed for the CBD customer in Sydney.

The new store is uniquely tailored to the local customer base and features a kombucha wall upon entry as well as a wide range of vegetarian options. Coles Local data shows that CBD customers buy 13 times more kombucha and twice as much tofu compared to a typical Coles customer.

Thinus Keevé, Coles Chief Sustainability, Property and Export Officer, said the Coles Local format has had a great response from customers in Sydney following the successful opening of stores in Rose Bay, Chatswood and Manly.

“We opened the first Coles Local in Melbourne's Surrey Hills in 2018. With the opening of York Street, we now have seven stores in the new format, including four in Sydney. Every time we open a new Coles Local Store, the feedback from customers is fantastic and we see it not just through higher sales, but directly through significant increases in our customer satisfaction scores. "

“We can't wait to see customers at our first Coles Local in Queensland next month after our existing Ascot supermarket was refurbished for six months.

“An essential part of our real estate strategy is a tailor-made and targeted customer offer. Our York Street store was customized using thousands of data points. The store has a bespoke layout that focuses on products that are most in demand with CBD customers, complemented by innovations that customers would not expect in a normal supermarket. "

On Coles Local York Street there is an in-store coffee and fresh juice station, a macaron, mini gelato and Japanese mochi ice cream parlor as well as one of the largest convenience food ranges in the country with more than 500 solutions for lunch and dinner Tailored for the busy clientele of CBD Office Workers.

As part of Coles' commitment to winning along with the communities it serves, Coles Local York Street has created 50 new jobs and supports small grocery producers by offering products from gourmet supplier Land of Plenty, Brooklyn Boy Bagels , Pasta Pantry and Sonoma from Sydney in stock.

The store also features some of Coles’s recent innovations in sustainability following the opening of its newest sustainability concept store in Moonee Ponds, which is themed Together to Zero to reduce waste and emissions.

In addition to network-wide initiatives such as energy-efficient LED lighting and REDcyle recycling bins for soft plastics, Coles Local York Street also includes energy-saving measures such as doors on refrigerators and freezers, while team members' uniforms are made from partially recycled materials.

Ken Wang, Coles York Street Store Manager, James Graham, Chairman of Coles, Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore, Julian Martin, Chairman of SecondBite.

Coles Local York Street opened on May 19th.Coles Local York Street opened on May 19th.

In-store coffee is available on Coles Local York Street.The shop offers coffee.

Customers can squeeze their own juice on Coles Local York Street.Customers can squeeze their own juice.

Coles Local York Street Product Department.Fresh produce department.

On Coles Local York Street, you'll find a range of premium products that you wouldn't find in a typical supermarket.On Coles Local York Street, you'll find a range of premium products that you wouldn't normally find in a typical supermarket.

There are more than 500 ready-made meals on Coles Local York Street.There are more than 500 ready meals.

A range of premium products is in stock.A premium range of products.

Coles Local York Street has a first class range of products.Coles Local York Street has a first class range of products.

Coles Local York Street has a kombucha wall as you enter.Coles Local York Street has a kombucha wall as you enter.

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