Nestlé Purina introduces Good Bowl for pets

Technology is really taking over, even in the pet world! Nestlé Purina Australia has pioneered a way to ensure pet owners better understand their pet's needs.

The Nestlé Purina CHEKR is a networked Smart Bowl with a corresponding app and ensures that pet owners receive optimal care nutrition.

"As a pet owner, I understand how difficult it can be to know what is feeding your pet and how much it is giving them as they transition through different ages and stages of life," says Nicole Battistessa, general manager of Nestlé Purina Australia.

"That's why we developed Nestlé Purina CHEKR to keep pet owners safe and enrich the lives of their furry family members."

How it works

The Smart Bowl leverages AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Analytics, and Apache Solr to connect devices to the cloud and process hundreds of data points to deliver personalized food recommendations.

Pet owners can enter the breed, age, size, feeding frequency and nutritional aspects of their pets. The app provides personalized food recommendations.

The Smart Bowl helps pet owners deliver the right amount of feed for each meal, monitors consumption and combines this with data on the animal's activity level.

“Our data scientists will continue to leverage the findings and study everything from how different breeds eat, which form of nibble is more desirable, to further improving our pet's oral health – with the aim of helping pet owners become healthier and more happier pets, ”adds Ms. Battistessa.

Nestlé Purina CHEKR is currently completing its trial and testing phase and plans to make it available to pet owners through Australia's top breeders soon.

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